This guy is a huge troll. He claims to be the #1 Sonic fan, when in reality, he only likes the games with classic Sonic. He also claims that Mario and Zelda are the only good games and every other game rips off Mario and Zelda. He also drops f bombs every two words and does piss poor reviews of games. It is also proven that he is racist, due to him calling Knuckles the racist n word.

He calls himself "Mariotehplumber" despite the fact that barely any of his videos is Mario-related. Also, when he says that "character design is the most important thing", he means that he will always judge the book by its cover, causing us to learn that graphics don't make the game; only gameplay, story, or both make the game. If you pay too much attention to the graphics, you'll get a horrible game.

You can't take this guy so seriously with his opinions if he keeps using the f-word every 2 seconds to his rants. His rants or "reviews" are usually around the range of 3-9 minutes long (sometimes even longer). That's at least 180-540 seconds of fanboy rage, but means that he could potentially swear or throw slurs at least 100 times per video.

This is a recipe for a drinking game disaster. Don't even try this when he rants on something he REALLY hates. If you're lucky, he might even boast instead about his "amazing" role as a gamer...or when he's not raging.

Mariotehplumber always judges the book by its cover saying that character design is very important, and as a matter of fact it isn't. It DOES try to give customers attention when they come across that video game, but it's just that graphics don't make the game; gameplay does. He always shoves his opinion down people's throats, and doesn't want anyone to beat him online in games he plays. Oh, and he's not very serious at all.

He claims to be the number 1 Sonic fan, when in reality, he hates every game in the series, except the ones with classic Sonic. Also he is foul and drops the "f" bomb every 2 words and calls Knuckles a very offensive term.

I believe this dude hates everything and everyone in his life! He says he hates video games when he only likes the original Mario, Zelda, and Sonic 1. Since he refuses to get off the Internet, we need to stay away from him. Even though he stated some facts that are somewhat true, that won't change the fact that he is undoubtedly one of the most negative people to ever meet on the Internet.

After a few years of research, I have finally come to conclusion that like the others I've encountered on the Internet, this guy has, you guessed it, Asperger's Syndrome (Even I'm not sure he has it), causing him to be arrogant, foul-mouthed, egotistical, rude, hypocritical, hot-tempered, and unsympathetic. He has a poor talent of singing, voice acting, and drawing. He is prone to outbursts, has limited obsessions, he contradicts himself constantly, he has repetitive and foul vocabulary, lacks remorse, and has trivial issues. What I have wrote is just a guess of his problems.

No. You should never make fun of disabilities. There are people with autism who are the opposite of what you just said, and who want nothing to do with Mariotehplumber. Grow up. - Lunala

He wants everyone to like and be a fan of what he likes, hate and avoid what he hates. He also wants everyone to be the same person as he is, probably hinting that he wants to make his own world and continue having everything in his hands, and probably trying to turn every single foreign country into America!

Okay, first he turned his back on SEGA, now he turned his back on Nintendo! What the heck is wrong with you, John?

This guy. He gets on my nerves so much. I absolutely hate Mariotehplumber. He's a racist, f-bombing sexist prick who picks on people, pretty much thinks every female Nintendo character is 'hentai' and boasts about how he's a gaming legend and the best gamer in the world. For real? Just stop.

I kid you not, he's no child. He's a full grown man. It makes me sick that he stil hangs around YouTube and he still complains. Remember the guy who bought all those Rosalina amiibos so that he could make all her fans unhappy? Yeah, that was this jackass. He's also going to spend thousands he probably got from his family members on every future female amiibo. What a complete and utter ass.

I seriously want John to shape up and get a life. He's a big manchild who think's he's superior to everyone like some playground bully. Stop it. You make me angry. Do something else with your time and make something of yourself before it's too late. Or just become a Chris Chan. Nobody cares.

Pretty much all his videos of him primarily consist nothing but over days worth footage of him either screaming, cursing, or throwing a fit at a video game, or flaunting and showing off how he is good at playing games. Either it's hilarious or pathetic!

If you're a fan of Super Smash Bros. then his video about the female characters (In which he only judged them for their appearance rather than the gameplay. ) shows some proof that he is possibly sexist.

Knuckles isn't even black! This guy is racist, sexist, and just horrible to everyone! He says he likes Sonic, then 1 second later he rants about how stupid he is! Get this guy off YouTube!

When he was bashing on the modern Sonic games, he never told us what else he hated besides the modern Sonic, supporting characters of Sonic, anything he thought was a Mario/Zelda ripoff!

All he did in his videos is absolutely nothing but either screaming, cursing, and throwing a fit at a video game, or flaunting how he's good at playing games! That is either hilarious or just pathetic.

He also keeps on calling people "jealous" constantly! If you're on this page and if you're reading this, you're not jealous, at all. He just keeps on thinking you are just to get your attention.

He also makes the USA look bad despite the fact that he's Canadian. He is such a bigot who discriminates people who are not American.

I think I have found out that he is really French Canadian, which explains his rudeness, his provocative attitude, his negativity towards everything, arrogance, self-denial, and how sensitive he is as a coward. Ever since he denied having asperger's and any mental condition.

He is a racist, sexist, homophobic, Nazi-worshiping, Hitler-fantasizing, and idiotic manchild of a troll. He deserves NO fans, and I mean NO fans.

Mariotehplumber should die for being a Rosalina hater. In fact, we all believe that he loves Rosalina.

Nowadays, he starts saying "chefsh*t" to pretty much, anything! What the heck is a "chefsh*t"? And why is he making America look bad?

In his channel description, he says he doesn't ask for attention, but in his videos, he demanded people to listen to him anyway, claiming he's trying to help. What the hell?

*Looks at channel description of his current channel*
Okay. Sounds pretty convincing.
*Watches his videos*
Yeah, thanks a lot, dumb*ss! We will respect your opinion as long as you respect ours!

Mariotehplumber should be ranked higher. He is one of the biggest trolls ever! I caught him accusing someone of liking Luigi, and being from Saudi Arabia.

Not to mention that he rips off a Sonic the Hedgehog 4 intro for himself making it awkward and creepy as heck! It really creeps me out every time when I see it.