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201 BlackDeathFan666
202 Katz Evans

He called me fat once. I'm gonna call him fat by saying he weighs more than me. Watch Kid does tornado kick. I did that. Katz Evans called me a fatty.

He calls everyone fatties and idiots.

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203 Nowyourenraged2

The worst troll on YouTube. Uses vulgar language and is extremely disrespectful. He thinks he is such a tough guy that can beat up everyone. Always challenging people to fights and always writing negative comments and starting arguments on vidoes. Can't stand this guy.

204 The Real Nostalgia Critic

He sounds familiar.

He constantly calls the AVGN the "Penis Video Game Nerd" and imposts Doug Walker! ):O

You're not the real Nostalgia Critic, You're just a troll.

205 McChuggins

I have seen this guy's Deviantart page before, and I completely agree. He is one of those stereotypical American, Christian conservative idiots from the south. He states that abortion is wrong, and states nonsense about other countries, such as: "You Brits are all tea drinking piss buckets". Horrible, evil racist.

This Christian conservative, anti LGBT is one of the nastiest YouTube trolls out there, while he doesn't post his hateful rants on YouTube, he is more active on Deviantart. He posts racist comments about Muslims, stating Islam is a violent religion. He also is very patriotic, posting art glorifying the confederates, American foreign policy, and the killing of innocnet people. He even goes so far, as to say that the Mai Lai massacre didn't happen, and innocent people aren't being killed by drones in the Middle East.

There's nothing wrong with being a Christian conservative or against abortion but if you say that Brits are all tea drinking p*ss buckets then that is wrong and not Christian.

Goodness gravy, how many racist trolls are there out there?

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206 ourthirdlife

2 girls, 1 terrible account. Sometimes there is a guy, they are epic at satire and kill at pissing people off


207 Mitt Mittens

He keeps trolling Cubs videos and saying that the city is garbage. He goes on every Cubs video even if they win, he says they are terrible. :/. He makes videos of the bulls getting hurt.

208 Swampyhd


This guy is a troll a troll! This guy is suck! Go kill yourself swampyhd!

209 Altered Nostalgic

One of the worst users he hates erboh Mario kart 8 and all he cares is the same game sky rim Call of Duty and black ops 2 Call of Duty and black ops 2 was one of the worst games I hope he gets out of the internet and get a life! P.S sorry for bad English

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210 Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw
211 Stephen Quire
212 Hammerfork

Best troll I've seen in a while. LMFAO!

He told me to kill myself because emos are inferior garbage. Mean bully

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213 Quackkittyhq V 1 Comment
214 Phantomstrider8

The reason why I putted him on this list because he hates two more eggs and modern cartoons

Guys, this is a joke, don't take it seriously. - AnonymousMann

No, he's not!


215 Toys in Japan
216 videogamedunkey
217 CinemaSins

All he does is post stupid sin numbers HE SUCKS!

218 GradeAUnderA

The anonymous guy on YouTube who talks about funny points.

219 ronnyjohnson618
220 Thunderf00t

An arrogant, anti-theist prick... probably sucks farts out of dead seagulls, to boot.

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