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221 ronnyjohnson618
222 Thunderf00t

An arrogant, anti-theist prick... probably sucks farts out of dead seagulls, to boot.

223 OfficerPoop247

He's now known as Go! Thug247, and from what I know of him, besides him doing those crappy punishment day videos, he is a typical GoAnimate fanboy/Alvin Hung hater who thinks no one should be allowed to rant on grounded videos and sent a grounded threat at Alvin because of voices getting removed. What a dumbass. - SailorSedna

224 Eli J. Brony

Never Heard Of Him - JPK

225 Scott Walsh

Forget about him being on his list... - AnonymousMann

226 VaatiThePervert

This guy also sent out death threats to people with different opinions and even laughed at that recent Virginia event with the truck plowing into people. What a sick, cruel, heartless, repulsive piece of scum bastard. Everyone who reads this, report his account (actually called "Vaati The Pervert"), and his videos, come on, let's get him banned.

Watch out for his alternate account Shiro the Tiger Returns, report that too.

227 Joby Dimms

He's gone now but search up both on YouTube and Twitter about everything bad he was doing - Neonco31

Thank goodness he's gone. He's a terrible person.

228 hinthar1
229 Byron Schwarz

So much of western elitism in mind. Everything outside of his preference is inferior and terrible

230 Lil B Lil B Brandon Christopher McCartney, professionally known as Lil B and often known as The BasedGod, is an American rapper, record producer, author, activist and motivational speaker from Berkeley, California. He is often regarded as the pioneer of cloud rap.

He is some guy that pretends to be Lil B, and even though he is funny he constantly goes around in character responding to people like Lil B would, usually on videos that have nothing to do with him.

231 CODisRealistic
232 RJBandsma

RJBandsma is an 18 year old Thomas the tank engine and NASCAR fanboy, who makes long, drawn out videos ranting about other users who make videos about him, even his own dad. He's also known for sending out death threats and calling people the N word

233 Merovetch I

He is a troll of WWE people he don't like he call them whiners he is a mma fighter with the biggest ego known to man.

234 CodizBetter
235 rabidkillerboar1
236 MaddAlexisPwnsTV

He and rabidkillerboar1 are huge butt buddies of racists, calling people the N word for no apparent reason besides as a privilege thinking that we are all not white. I mean I am a white person myself but this racist duo just won't listen but to have way too much fun giving whites a bad name.

237 Deezzznutz69

This guy will go to any popular video and will try to destroy it he also has like 20 sock puppets and all his videos are him peeing - Norrisofchuck

238 tikal107

This girl is so messed up. She copies off mariotehplumber via behaviour and talking like him as a butt buddy. One mariotehplumber is enough. On one video where it gets real grimy, she coveted over Testies125 very badly just because he left YouTube, crying, moping, and saying some romantic excuses nobody cares about. Another thing that proves she is never serious is that she puts down her camera and pretends that she's talking to her dad about Testies125. Crazy much?

This girl is awesome!

She's badass!

She always defends mariotehplumber and Testies125 as a huge butt buddy and a demented fangirl, copying off their dialogues and behaviour. One mariotehplumber is enough! The most infamous video she posted is that she wanted Testies125 back, crying, moping, saying romantic lies, and pretends to talk to her dad about Testies125. She is definitely some crazy weirdo.

239 GoodCanBeDone

He posted a video on why the Wii U's going to suck. I could see his point, but it's that the Wii you is not that bad. Despite his username, what he has done is not that good at all. Oh, and he has a Felix the Cat avatar just to excuse things.

Well I tried the wii you at my cousins and it wasn't bad! Take that GoodCanBeDone!

I got the Wii you and it's not that bad! GoodCanBeDone? More like BadCanBeDone!

240 TheAmazingAtheist

Why is this guy on the list? This man is a very funny man who makes funny rants and has tons of subs. Is the reason he is on here is because he tells us he dislikes JB? Its his opinion guys. TheAmazingAtheist is not a troll.

Rather arrogant at times but I'm sure there are worse YouTubers out there.

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