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261 Jason60152
262 Dumo1
263 TrolltheRetards

Eventually got his account banned, but extremely annoying yet hilariously sad while his account lasted. Said that he was 23, and I'll fill in the rest.
1. Abused by his prostitute mother.
2. Dropped out of middle school.
3. Made a butthurt account.
4. It got banned, and he jumped off the Empire State Building in mourning.

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264 Stag Hooper
265 randomegameplay

This guy gets subscribers for no effort and has a stupid video called walking away

266 Teh Epicness

Obvious troll is obvious, because of his username.

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267 PauseUnPause

His mindcrack episode 13 invisitrolling is hilarious come on vote for this troll

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268 JoshUTuber
269 matmoefoe

Not only does he nake offensive videos saying Australia sucks, makes a joke of Paul walkers death and calls a dads his gameplay videos are horrible since they're recorded with a camera; he go's on pewdiepie, yogscast, maxmoefoe ana any other popular youtubers and says they're crap and to watch his instead definitely a true troll

270 Scroogled

A Microsoft campaign that's trying to make people stop using Google products and start using Microsoft products, Microsoft bashing Google, making lies so people will stop using Google, a failed campaign

Scroogled is a failed Microsoft campaign that makes lies about Google products, they say gmail reads all messages and they say the Google play store sends your ID to appmakers, just to get more people using Microsoft and not Google, it is one of the most childish campaigns in the world, it is a disgrace to Microsoft

271 ShadowDehHedgie5679

He hates all of the old and new Mario and Sonic games and he also hates survival games like The last of us and the old and new gaming consoles. He also blocks people who instantly say anything bad on his videos. What a total dumbass. He also is a fan of the anime Lucky Star.

Why does his name have to do with a Sonic character if he hates every sonic game? And if he hates every console why does he even... He's an idiot.

He claims to be the son of xXMysteriousManXx.

This guy sounds like a low life P.O.S. - SailorSedna

272 illuCODnati V 2 Comments

The guy that gets the "kid that stepped on a Lego" type of reactions by knifing noobs on Call of Duty. He trolls his own fans which are mainly 12 year old boys on Minecraft.

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274 mrthedopelover

Probably one of the most perverted trolls on youtube, anyways mrthedopelover is a perverted troll that goes around youtube looking for girls, and he asks them to sex with him.. luckily he got terminated, lets hope he never comes back

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275 Henry Gallamotto

He need to stop coming back and stop making (user) videos

276 Electr1cWaffles

Idiot who thinks Mario is Mexican, his videos are fake and have misleading titles, he is very racist and he is a douche

277 HEELKris V 1 Comment
278 Chris Brown Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in more.

He beat up Rihanna at least twice and is nowadays obsessed with hoes and drugs. What'd you expect?

After hearing all the crimes this guy has committed, this guy is just a big loser. - SailorSedna

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279 Daughterofgodinzion

Daughterofgodinzion was some crazy mormon woman who would create video responses to popular videos and say racist, homophobic and offensive stuff. she caused a lot of anger around youtube, she would also creepily stare and smile at the camera for 20 seconds or sometimes even 2 minutes, she was really creepy and weird, in late 2011, she deleted her channel for unknown reasons, probably because of hate

280 0007mints

Some idiotic kid who hates smosh and threatened to hack their account,
He also makes crappy bad quality humorless offensive videos. he could get in trouble for his actions, stupid little kid

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