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361 The Uttp

Troll them back? I can do that. Oh, I can do that.

Ironically, the're trolls. Extremist trolls.

Hates fnaf, vgcp, roblox (I love all of them)
Pretends to be police
Just troll them back

362 Dave Warden
363 Artsy Omni

Made a very good fake Rayman leak for Super Smash Bros 4 and it pissed a lot of people off.

364 Berta Lovejoy
365 The Swedish Spirit

This annoyance likes to heckle commenters. he just likes to heckle of heckle sake. his comments are intended to be hurtful, and almost NEVER have anything to do with the topic at hand.
If you get a comment from him flag him. don't respond, because he's doing it just for the attention

366 Mario Larsson
367 The REAL Cinemassacre
368 ReviewCucumbersUSA
369 ChristianUtuber
370 Alx Lightning
371 Krazy Games

One of the WORST trolls out there!

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372 TheBrismoore

This guy is the biggest ass he disrespected 2Pac he has no followers what a disgrace

373 TrueAverageGamer

He is obnoxious, bashes every single game he sees, and is either quiet or obnoxiously loud with nothing in between. And he types in all caps.

374 ReviewHellUSA
375 Mickeytehmouse

Mickeytehmouse is one of the worst Mariotehplumber ripoffs ever! He thinks he can stop spammers and kids who like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but he is just a troll! He seems to be afraid to show his own voice and uses Speakonia instead. He always constantly uses the F Bomb and claims he is a gangsta and a black racist person! This guy can be mostly found in comments of Mickey Mouse video game videos swearing at children. Stop this guy and suspend him!

He spams the F word to spammers on YouTube in comments on Mickey Mouse video game Videos! And he uses caps lock all the time! (as of this video, he still is a new YouTuber)

Hs channel is not here anymore likely due to hm threatening Luigitehplumber and trying to make a Graham Soult video for him to get arrested.

376 JungleJunctionFan2008

If it was not enough, BobTheBuilderFan2008 returned to YouTube and started making rant videos once again, Drama happened all over again and eventually, got Terminated on YouTube. He acts the same as he did before.

Did not know Harry Taylor/BobTheBuilderFan2008 came back under this name. Lemme guess, once again, his parents kicked him off of Youtube and reported to Youtube he was on there whilst too young? - SailorSedna

377 TheUltimateWWEApologist

A nerd who praises John Cena and says his the greatest - htoutlaws2012

378 The third XBOX GOD
379 MysteryMeat123

You know, a new troll that just wants to be like the bigger trolls, starting small, and then going bigger and bigger until EVERYONE knows that he's a troll! - imacg4

380 Bob Richardsin
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