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421 First Person Troller
422 Liquid Chris
423 Clyde Cash
424 Yoon Ho

This guy bullied me all because I hated Sailor Moon Crystal seasons 1-2 while liking the original one, and told me to "stop acting like a little girl" (I'm an adult man) and act mature, when ironically he was being childish, attempting to force me to like what I hated and harassing me. - SailorSedna

425 Nerry Marin

There are plenty of reasons why this 20 year old manbaby sucks. He disrespects opinions, refuses to respect them and tries to force people to have the same opinions as him with everything, if someone who makes Go! Animate Grounded Videos stops, he'll tell them in all caps to "BRING BACK THE GROUNDED SERIES", he hates restaurants like Pizza Hut, Wendy's and Taco Bell for no reason, he rages in caps lock at people and if someone tells him to stop doing that, he'll say "IT'S MY CAPS LOCK KEY" in caps, and he is racist, he uses the N-word, racially discriminates black people, even though he himself is black and is in denial, thinking he is white. If someone tells him he is black, he will scream he's white over and over.

There are also two other accounts named Alvin and Derelict Corneo which I've heard actually may be sockpuppets of him. - SailorSedna

426 Dave YTTP

Another rabid Go! Animate fanboy, you are not going to believe this guy. He would steal content from other users, upload them as free dislike videos, make grounded videos out of innocent users, and would whine and cry over people blocking him and muting them, calling them cowards when they blocked him because he got on their nerves.

That's not all. On December 23, 2015 he was terminated for copyright infringement, then he came back in 2016 until he got terminated on July 12 for the same thing, then came back as Dave YTTP Returns, and then he got terminated for the third time on the one year anniversary of his first termination, December 23, 2016, for the same thing again. Then he came back as Dave YTTP Returns Again Returns Again, and last month he got terminated again. It's ridiculous but also hilarious because he can't handle being restricted on Youtube and Google+. - SailorSedna

427 Nerdslayer Prime

This guy is repulsive. He is a prickw ho hates autism and bashes people who have autism saying they are "retards", he tells other who don't agree with him to kill themselves and he is racist, he uses the N-word a whole lot of the time. Obviously he's the retarded one considering it's retarded to insult people with autism, who usually tend to be smarter than others. He's probably just another troll in his mom's basement doing this as he has no life or any way to get friends...

Everyone, just report this scumface. Let's all get him banned. - SailorSedna

428 Chester Wilson

He is a rabid perverted brony as he formed some group called the "Brony Orgy Nation". He bullies others, thinks Google+ is a porn site when it is not, and he even thinks that horses pooping are "sexy". How disgusting! - SailorSedna

429 Trini Dayana Rivera

She can't respect opinions of Sailor Moon fans who hate Crystal, rages at them, bullied me, flamed and stalked me to a certain YouTube comment section and harassed me all because I had an opinion. She also claims that the Sailor Moon fandom is "spoiled" when in reality the Crystal fans are the ones spoiled considering their horrid behavior. - SailorSedna

430 Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is a young Earth creationist and opposes evolution. His arguments for a young Earth are entirely unfounded in science, demonstrate basic misunderstandings of both evolution and science in general, and often aren't even based on reality. For example, he is well known for his banana argument, which claims that the banana is so perfect that it must have been intelligently designed in nature, despite the fact that the banana is a product of human artificial selection. He also really likes linking Hitler and evolution.

He also frequently attacks atheism, humanism, and the lack of God-worship as the sources of modern sins, such as homosexuality and school shootings. He frequently discusses supposedly iron-clad proofs of God (which generally rely on "common sense" and Pascal's Wager) and methods of evangelism (which generally rely on spamming out a list of pre-written loaded questions). - AnonymousMann

He sounds like one of those rabid Christians, yikes. I'm Christian yet I would never act like him... - SailorSedna

431 The Irate Gamer
432 Assballs458

He stupidly flagged a video on ramon88us' channel for no reason, claiming that he "sucks at Youtube". He also hates dogs which is stupid, dogs are great animals. - SailorSedna

433 Brendan Barney

A spastic GoTard manchild who constantly does stupid GoAnimate grounded videos and rants on so-called "baby shows" like Sesame Street, Dragon Tales, and Rollie Polie Olie, which are NOT baby shows and are kids' shows, yet he likes Teletubbies which is an actual baby show, what kind of adult/teenager would like that? He's also an Enterbot.

434 Lucey
435 mrcooldude964
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