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41 Cindybin2001

This girl is absolutely insane! She is anti-marijuana, anti-alcohol, and anti-profanity which is extremely hypocritical because she swears. she literally just can't face the fact that everyone has an opinion so she cyberstalks people who don't agree with her opinion, she also has a twitter where she stalks and rages at people using caps lock, she claims that if you don't agree with her you will go to hell and says that marijuana is a sin and every marijuana smoker is going to hell which is not true. she goes to tons and tons of videos and says a bunch of false things of why she thinks its wrong. many people have proved her wrong but she continues to act like an idiot and start insulting them, she really needs to back off and close her channel because of how many people hate her and disagree with all of her false information, its been like 3 or 4 years and she still hasn't figured out that pretty much 98% of people on YouTube disagree with her and she should just shut up.

She's some crazy doll lady who takes things way too far, she bashes people's opinions and shove her opinion down everyone's throat. cannot beileve she still goes around, its been 4 DAMN YEARS since she started YouTube

I came across her the other day, and she was insulted that I never heard of her before. Listen lady my world doesn't revolve around you or any Youtube commenters. It was a never ending thread on one of her anti cursing rants, and I wasn't even one of the commenters doing the cursing, I was just sticking up for the one doing the cursing. Their is seriously something mentally wrong with that woman and that's no exaggeration. I finally cut it off and moved on, I can't deal with NUTS.

I truly don't think this is a real account. I think someone is either having their senile grandma make videos to use on YouTube and pretend to be her or they stole someone's videos to pretend to be them... But no way is someone running that account and not trolling people... One minute "Cindybin" is attacking weed and cursing and the next minute she's cursing at me and saying nasty things I won't be repeating... Doesn't make any sense that she'd snap and start cursing if she hates curse words so much.. After following her for years I'm truly convinced it's a troll account.

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42 Speedyw03
43 Gavinofree
44 Hentai Media Guides V 1 Comment
45 veryinvalid

Not to mention he has a butt buddy who defends him to death. His username is sparta-something. I couldn't remember it.

A very obvious troll because of his username, despite that he was just a kid. He always judges games by the graphics and always goes for the ones upgraded in modern times. Like other people, he is a disgrace to game reviewers as he fails very badly at doing reviews of only two games, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Megaman 9. Oh, and if you think AKnotholeresident is bad about Sonic 4, veryinvalid just ranted about Mega Man 9, which was the worst video ever of 2008! He calls himself a Mega Man fan when he starts contradicting himself! I mean, that video wasn't even a review! He just makes a fool of himself, cursing and dropping F-bombs, tries to be like a cool gangster, and makes a corny impersonation of AVGN! Oh, and don't even get me started with him talking about the military dying for our country in Iraq! With all that said, stay away from this idiot and keep playing Mega Man 9!
Futurama Fry Mode:
Not sure if Trolling,
Or just stupid.

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46 TheReviewSpace

This man has just slapped the word "annoyance" on his face, most notably his "Fanboy Reviews, " which are, of course, extremely annoying, from start to finish! His intro, how he makes invalid points over Nintendo games he just made fun of, and how he repetitively concludes his Fanboy Reviews along with his voice. This guy is just trying to get the fanboys to blow up on him. Oh, and not to mention that he is also a grammar nazi.

Ahaha yes this guy this is the biggest troll ever all his videos suck you know if I was to give an award for the least amount of effort put in a video it would go to this guy for his "reviews" all the does is show a few pictures of the game put some text around it add some secure inducing colours and bum he's done ow whait he also commintates on the games with the stupidest writing I ever heard in his top 10 worst Pokemon games review which sucked by the way he said that Pokemon crystal rips off gold and silver but it didn't cause it's a sister game so it's like the tow in one and thence the next number he said that gold and silver rips off crystal the the fu£k lastly the said that "lastly he said that with all 3 legendary dogs running around its impossible to catch theme all we'll it's not I captured articuno zapdos and moltres in platinum and they were all rooming too so capturing 3 is not a problem is you have patients aka this guy sucks

His "Fanboy Reviews" are extremely annoying! He insults Nintendo games, claiming that Zelda is part of that "Illuminati" thing which I don't believe in and I never will. His voice, his intro, the rest of his videos, and his conclusions just slap the word "annoyance" on his forehead. He wants everyone to fanboy what he is trolling.

TheReviewSpace sucks. He is the same as Ike Reviews AEBG. He lies to good games like Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, GTA5, LBP3, Last of Us, and more. - Neinwott

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47 QueenGregJock

Queengregjock (AKA queengregjock04, queengregjock01, queengregjock03 etc. ) is a satanic cruel troll who picks on people who killed themselves, cancer victims, people with problems, he is a big jerk, he tells people to kill themselves for no reason, he got terminated many times but he keeps making more channels, I hope this douche goes to jail for a very long time

He said to shove some stuff up my anus and he is just a jerk

Hope this guy gets terminated off of YouTube. I also fought him once.

Greg rules

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48 homelessgoomba

He's the funniest and the best troller there is but doesn't troll so much it starts to get boring

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49 TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel

This guy thinks he is the real CutefuzzyWeasel (He is not). He hates Minecraft and loves Big Rigs, Bubsy 3D, Call of Duty and Skylanders. He uses speakonia too.

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50 MagicalPockyUsagi

One word.
No, actually, three words.
Stupid cancerous weeaboo.

She looks like she's about to kill me through my computer.

This person has issues reminescent of so many of these trolls.

Weeaboos are bad. Especialy him.

51 Harolds Cat

If your black or Jewish, DO NOT LOOK THIS GUY UP! He is a racist Nazi loving pedophile who messages kids and asks them if they want to join his racist "kingdom" and if they don't, he will swear and threaten them

I was actually one of his victims. He bullied me a whole year! I actually became famous for that.. Not really but I was one of his major targets. HE SUCKS! All of his accounts subbed me, and I was so scared! He would curse at me, spread rumors about me, he once guessed my password! This guy is bad and makes fake accounts and pretends that they are little girls and that they worship him and stuff. He's racist and a Nazi. He told me Hitler was good and that he tried to stop a virus called polio that was spread by thejewish. I'm NOT AN IDIDOT! I'm Cuban, and he told me to get shipped back to Mexico. I mean how racist is that!? And one of my besties was manipulated by him and fell for his tricks. And my other friend, which was Jewish, was also bullied by him. He sucks man

He is just ridiculous, and his "army" is stupid as hell! If you are reading this and are a policeman, or anyone who could arrest him, PLEASE DO IT ASAP PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!

He needs to get off YouTube and all aspects of social media! Worst troll I've ever heard of! Heck, even worse than Katz Evans!

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52 MaygerMayun1

This guy gives attention towards the haters of PimpinMasterDX because he keeps on saying that PimpinMasterDX is his favorite Youtuber even though we all know that he sucks at making his rant videos. He gives poor attention towards me and all of the haters of PimpinMasterDX. He won't leave people alone and gets annoying every time. This guy is the example of what I call him a "PimpinMasterDX Fanboy".

To those MaygerMayun1 fans here, you don't even know him. So shut up!

This guy is a complete definite fan of PimpinMasterDX because he gives attention to his haters that he is better than them in any standard necessary. He gives poor attention towards me and all of the other Youtubers who hate him so much. This guy is another troll that I like to call, "PimpinMasterDX Fanboy"

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53 it8nky0u

Not rare to find a top comment responding to one of his stupid ass posts. Also uploads interesting troll videos.

54 Basicallyidowrk

What's he doing on the list?

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55 ragegaming

What's he doing on the list?

56 Waterimslenderman 12 HGUA
57 Utubetrollpolice

The utubetrollpolice is a group of hypocrite trolls who claim to be real police officers, they call people "kitty rapists" and "faggots" for no reason. most of their accounts have been suspended

They span like crazy

Big time spammers, and plain losers.

They need to die.

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58 Elpresador

Doesn't care about his subs, trolls everyone. It's hilarious.

59 EricDouglace

EricDouglace is a troll on YouTube who happens to be a sarcastic Justin Bieber fanboy who cynically threatens to hack people if they disagree with his opinion and Justin Bieber. Need I say more?

One of the best trolls of 2010. Although it got our of hand and he got hated to the point of leaving YouTube. It all may have been an act though.

Eric. Why do you think that your seen to be plan to make everyone like Justin Bieber when about JB when about 99% of the earth hate him?

60 DarkMetalOverlord

He's this obnoxious kid who constantly posts obnoxious comments, always laughs about how much he hates the Xbox fandom, Nintendo fandom, etc.

Laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud. its his language

This guy is a troll

Why this kid blame Xbox and using bad negative words like other channel in YouTube such as Nintendo3DS***,/home/gligar13,Xtard Destroyer,RXL209 and those other channel like being Xbox hater,sony hater,Nintendo hater,pc hater then they are so very low self esteem sometime

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