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61 MTPmoranguides

Despite the fact that mariotehplumber's account got deleted, guess what: He came back! This time with a different username shown above. Not only that, but in his videos, we get to see mariotehplumber on camera and in the flesh, using his same old gimmicks of making a big deal over the graphics of Sonic games and maybe games outside of Sonic, cursing and screaming, and what's worse is that he actually THROWS A FIT OVER THEM by destroying anything in his basement! Well, I don't need to bother visiting his new channel anymore. I just don't.

Well, his account got terminated not too long ago by fans of Game Grumps, but to come back as "Mariotahplumber" just to retaliate! He just doesn't know when and how to give up!

62 Misty St. Claire

This idiot needs to stop making accounts and bullying fat people, he also pretends to be a girl and uses a fake picture, she is clearly a he

A most annoying troll who pretends to be an official You Tube dietary advisor and picks on overweight people.

Definitely the most intelligent and manipulative troll of all time. It is a pleasure to read her comments.

Racist. That is all.

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63 TheBalishChannel

Listened to his stream only because MTP was there, just like many of his watchers I'm assuming. Supposedly existed online since 2009 yet only heard of him more recently. What does that tell you? MTP, who in my opinion is funnier and better at gaming, wastes his time with balish who takes his money, instead of making more videos for everyone. I remember TBC would claim "no politics" as a rule, yet talked down to those who do not have radical right or left political views. In particular he was berating some staff at (iirc) E3 2016 for not wearing a political pin "wear the pin, a--hole! ". Also would talk trash about military and army servicemen, saying they're too stupid and lazy to get a real job. What a cowardly scumbag, ungrateful for his freedom and tyrannical in that he believes everyone should be forced to wear a pin. Believes his opinions on gaming are undisputed truth. Boring routine every video: complain about Sonic Adventure 2 over and over again, rips off MTP's humor, begs ...more

Never in my life have I saw someone with a small yet toxic fan base. But TheBalishChannel has proved me wrong.

Mariotehplumber's Butt Buddy, They play smash bros every weekend on Twitch if you want to see them scream over Rosalina 9As of this comment).

TheBalishChannel needs to get a spine. TheBalishChannel enforces political correctness in his discord/chatroom, and will bully others who dissent into silence like a good little spineless SJW. So if you dare say anything not politically-correct, you're not welcome in his circle! TheBalishChannel enforces PC goodthink and punishes wrongthink (even if said wrongthink goes against his religion). TheBalishChannel also draws pdophilic images, which may explain why he defends other degenerates (even if it's to be "ironic" or as a "joke", there's no excuse). Will he end up as the next PaulAndAmy, at this rate? TheBalishChannel betrays and turns on his loyal but non-PC fans, just to virtue-signal and white-knight for mentally ill degenerates that may or may not give him money one day. All this, just so he can waste his life further, and lap up the narcissistic energy he gets from all the fan art to temporarily improve his self-esteem. Sad! Too bad TheBalishChannel seems to have sold his soul ...more

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64 Chad Warden

A gangster wannabe who boasts about the PS3 and disses on the Nintendo Wii just because the Wii Remote resembles a sex toy and as a matter of fact it isn't.

The troll of a generation. 2015 and still BALLIN'!

'Sup Beeches it's Chad Warden. - TheQuxxn

One of the WORST Trolls out there! this guy needs to burn in the depths of hell!

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65 mrihateminecraft1

This kid hates minecraft and calls all 90s kids douchebags, he also made a video saying "f*** all youtubers" his videos are misleading, he is a douche

Crazy kid who hates 90s, minecraft and all youtubers. he causes lots of kids to rage and swear at him.

He is a crazy troll who hates on everything he finds on youtube, he cyberstalks his haters using fake accounts, he steals peoples videos and puts a misleading title

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66 3pac

He hates Eminem and more rap legends and he is a fat nerd who loves shaking asses and honestly.I think this guy likes Sam Smith and also he thinks he is the real Rap God no Eminem is the real Rap God and he doesn't worship 2pac and Biggie also he thinks he is the best rapper of all time no Lil Wayne is better than this crap and also I hate this rapper because he thinks he is cool no he is fat and ugly and also Nas and others are better than him.I hate this ass.

Lol he is dumb

The man is dead show respect

Think that's teds account. That guy hates me. LIKE HATES ME! Huhuhuhu!

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67 Michael Achievement Hunter V 2 Comments
68 MonkeyGameGuides

MonkeyGameGuides is a troll who pretends the only game he likes is Call of Duty, and that all games should be like Call of Duty. He makes rant reviews on other games that he owns and complains about how bad they are, and how they should be more like Call of Duty. Occasionally he says good things about games like Medal of Honor: Warfighter, because they are similar too Call of Duty. He also has horrible spelling and grammar skills and is homophobic and anti semetic in his videos, although this is likely part of his act too.

MonkeyGameGuides hates everyone else (even his fans) but him! His face sucks, too!

This kid was doing absolutely plain nothing on his videos but growling, snarling, spitting, and cursing at the camera in a Cockney accent, complaining about games he owns that are not Call of Duty, shoving his opinion down people's throats, and can't take any criticism from his "haters", including CuteFuzzyWeasel.

69 Spudroosi

Spudroosi is a big troll who has an army of trolls, his trolls attack people who hate on him, he claims he has swag he loves Call of Duty and thinks pewdiepie is evil

He's 11 years old and reviews appallingly adult rated games. Claims that PewDiePie is evil and absolutely hates him. His 'armie' of trolls will attack anyone who hates on him. He can't spell.

This guy is very similar to Dag00t. As they both Hate PewDiePie, Pretend to be fat, Claiming they have Swag and cannot Spell.

I think Spudroosi haven't go to school lately because his logic sucks.

He did actually can spell right, but unfortunately he call good grammar is poor. He just get some lessons from someone that teaches him how to hide his personality by photoshop and ways to lie to hide his real personality of course. Every video he shared just seem as joke.

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70 H20delirious

Somebody must be trolling this list, given that Basicallyidowrk is on it too

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71 PeckcellaVonPeter

AKA X-Cella nowadays, she's some WWE fangirl who forces people to love WWE, and she was most infamous for harassing BubbaDunkFunkin, she harassed him to the point where he got VERY pissed off. She planned a war against BubbaDunkFunkin and even stalked him! - AnonymousMann

72 Bieberbabybopper

This troll is going on people's videos and spreading hate about metal music, rock music, vocaloid, god, video games, and the army. I wish he would just leave us rock lovers alone. He keeps telling us to listen to the Jonas brothers and Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. Well, the last time I seen Miley Cyrus, she was on the pole showing everyone her bra.

He uses suicides and murders to bully and discriminate others.

Think Miley Cyrus, JB, and the jonas brothers are clean and safe! Talk about a singer who got booed off when he won the award! Talk about a nude girl on a wrecking ball.

Typical fake "nice guy". Hasn't been around in a while though, it seems.

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73 dag00t

If you like pewdiepie. don't look this guy up, he hates pewdiepie with a passion. anyways dag00t is a youtube troll who pretends to be a fat kid, he loves Call of Duty and hates pretty much all games, he claims to have swag and he can't spell

Makes a lot of kids angry by picking on their favorite toys.

Successful troll is successful.

Typical Call of Duty fankid, hates on Minecraft and says that Call of Duty is the best game in the world, also uses terrible grammer.

He isn't even a troll just makes funny satire videos lmao

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74 PimpinMansterDX
75 LostBoy76

Alright, I don't know where to start with this. He thinks he can entertain and impress people by being an extremely biased drama queen, complaining about movies HE doesn't like! He always throws his opinions at people's faces, begging them to avoid/hate what he hates! Well don't get me wrong though, I DO love both the original trilogy and the prequels of Star Wars equally, but typically he is NOT that intelligent as he seems to be! Besides, the only movies you can watch are the ones YOU want to pick, especially on his negative movies list on Don't simply take recommendations from other people you don't even know! If there's nothing else I can say about him, well... he's just a miserable prick who YOU need to stay away from! With that said, I'm gonna go watch all 6 Star Wars movies!

LostBoy76 needs to be higher on the list because he is a biased hypocrite over films and movies, and also books and video games! True, some of his movies on his hated list are the ones I can let him get away with, but other films he puts on his lists I disagree with! Some of his movies he loved on his positive list are overrated, while other of his movies he hated on his negative list are underrated! I just wish he needs to shape up, respect people's opinions, and just get over it! After all, you can't call him "Lost Boy" for nothing! The reason why I put him there is that not only he has an account, but also has a YouTube account, but only goes by comments and not by videos!

He insulted two good summer films such as Terminator 2 and Independence Day. He bashed on them saying they are stupid with poor acting, plot, storyline, special effects being so cheap, etc. Well guess what? THEY'RE SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS! THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE BRAINLESS! Unless a summer blockbuster is a dark thriller, which is the only thing he wants. He is nothing but a narcissistic libertarian of a lolcow reviewer! Thumbs up this comment if you agree!

This guy is the reason why I don't go on anymore. He always thinks he can entertain and impress people by being a biased drama whore. I can't stand that guy!

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76 Codythekingofyoutube

This guy is a mean troll he uses his dog to fetch him a beer, he thinks that Call of Duty blackops 3 and fallout 4 caused the Paris attacks lots if people make videos of ranting about Cody his old account was deleted he said he had 300 video on his new account he has 30

This guy sould be banned for good and disapear of the internet

Stupid guy thinking Jacksepticeye and markiplier are pedofiles

Not to mention he think he's not a troll.
And he think he is smart.
And he is the king of youtube.
He make hate videos.

And I say to him wow I can't not believe how bad you are.

In concusion he is the biggest insult on youtube.
He nothing more than a graveyard.

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77 LeafyIsHere

Leafy is a true troll because he calls people with disabilities stupid and such.

Haters gonna hate - TheTop10Man

This idiot should be number 1. I hate this guy I like Keemstar just because he's this guys enemy.

Leafys not a troll...

78 Angry Video Game Nerd Angry Video Game Nerd James Duncan Rolfe is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, film and video game critic, and internet personality, best known for starring in the web television series The Angry Video Game Nerd, a joint production of Rolfe's Cinemassacre Productions, GameTrailers, and ScrewAttack.

This is a joke if you get offended then Ignore!

What the hell is he doing here? He ain't no troll! - LordOfTheOnionRings

Are you kidding me? Get him off this list - TheTop10Man

Please tell me that this is for a joke.

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79 Yottatron

Forget about him being on this list. He's innocent, he just had a dark past. - AnonymousMann

80 SnackyCakes2008 V 2 Comments
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