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81 Plazm1d94

Well known troll, I've seen his name come up a few times on some purposefully ignorant comments about controversial subjects like gays and religion, always provokes and receives lots of angry replies WATCH OUT FOR HIM and IGNORE

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82 Mario Larsson Empire
83 ForeverNineGirls
84 TrollarchOffice

HE HAS THE WORST TROLLS EVER! He once played and tried trolling but he failed! - SuperBacca

85 Chamboyette853
86 Abcilikepie

When he was still on deviantART, he started being rude to me and he even blocked me for no reason. He does hate furries, despite the fact that furries are actually not bad. He made alt accounts, which are, thankfully, banned. But he still could go on there. He should really be up to number one, to be honest.

Just a stupid spammer who hates furries, undertale, Minecraft, and many other things.

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87 FPSEpikz V 1 Comment
88 VernTheVultureCritic
89 Luke Gartrell

From what I know of he does grounded videos with real life toys...I dunno what to say... - SailorSedna

He likes baby shows and dislikes SBSP

He hates the shows that I like that are pokemon,my life as a teenage robot,sonic x,mb,SBSP

Big mb hater

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90 Onision

Onison is a YouTube partner who make countless videos about veganism and using scare tactics to turn people into vegetarians and even videos like insulting circumcised men and telling a victim of verbal abuse by their own mom, that it was the victims fault, and beating a pregnant women in the stomach until she defecates. He's also racist, sexist, a pedophile, a kidnapper, and mentally unstable and he makes video asking why people hate him, saying he didn't do anything wrong.

He doesn't deserve to be a YouTube Partner, most YouTube Partners aren't that racist or sexist, but this guy is, so he deserves to lose his partnership. - AnonymousMann

He's a very negative influence on his very impressionable, but naive audience.

I love how all of these people fall. I mean on his comedy channel

Don't listen to Onision. You are allowed to hate Ariana Grande, One Direction, Little Mix, Nicki Minaj and etc. He is just disrespecting opiniosn with a terrible temper. No wonder he got too much praise. >:(

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91 Angus Bough
92 MuesProductions V 2 Comments
93 Josh Markey

As someone who hates Lucy Van Pelt (because she is a spoiled, bratty little girl stereotype but yes, she has redeemable qualities such as she also has a kind heart) and music in the 2010s (I said this because Josh Markey returned as "ModernMusicSucksCrap"), I easily rage and cringe when I observe the racist Josh Markey (HOW DARE JOSH MARKEY INSULT ANYONE FOR BEING IRISH! OK, IF ANYONE REALLY HAS ANYTHING AGAINST A RACE, I SUGGEST HE/SHE NOT LIKE HILLBILLIES, THE NORTH KOREAN CULTURE DUE TO UNREASONABLE GOVERNMENT RULES SUCH AS ANTI-FEMINISM AND ESPECIALLY THE NAZIS)! He is way too loud when extremely furious and is oblivious to at least one flaw of Kratos (whom I love for being a three-dimensional hero with extreme power).

This user has made a bunch of troll accounts on Youtube, like "KratosReturnsToYouTube", KidGohan8011, Kratos8011, Goku8011, Vegeta8011, DBZOfficialKidGohan and others. He is known to hate Lucy Van Pelt along with a bunch of other trolls and he keeps closing his account every time to come back again. Check out his troll accounts if you want to know what he has done.

Honestly this guy needs a picture of Lucy Van Pelt slugging him.

He's bigoted and racist too? Welp, now I know another reason to hate this manbaby - SailorSedna

95 AndroidPhonesSucks

The biggest most annoying apple fanboy ever...

I'm not really big fan of apple because
*Pick up the rock guitar and singing (Parody of Marukaite Chikyuu)*



The end._.

96 ZexyZek

Ok; This isn't a negative review. This guy is an amazing troll!
He plays Minecraft and goes on a random server, and trolls a random player using various server plugins and Minecraft mods. And when he's done, he even cleans up the damage he did while trolling AND even gives the player he trolled a few diamonds!
This guy is a CLEAN troll. He's awesome.

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97 JimboWittlestone

I remember this guy, he says that certain people suck and the funny thing about him is that he says that Dota 2, team fortress 2 players look like ugly trolls. I laughed so hard about it and his voice that he used is just ridiculous.

When he defended mariotehplumber, he uses communism to back up his speech. Seriously dude what the hell?

YES YES YEAASSHH! HE IS ON THE LIST Okay the reason why he sucks he made a video of smash 4 will suck so I'm asking you to ban his channel Jimbowittlestone sucks and get a life you troll! *gives the middle finger* go kill yourself Jimbowittlestone

98 Tammy Newborn

Terrible person, threatened to kill me

If you see this guy, avoid him at all costs. He sends death threats to people and insults people if they hate 4kids. He is still defending a DEAD CHANNEL BLOCK. He needs to move on.

I talked to him and the people who hated tammy, I said that 4kids is dead and we need to stop worrying about it. However, one youtuber ( I think the name had 'disco') defended tammy, saying that who liked shonen were 'shonentards'. He needs to know that people have different tastes.

Talk to him, and he'll reply with one big fat comment. He's childish. - WoolenArale


He is a complete Douche he insults the hip hop culture from the 90's retard

100 leftylemonzilla
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