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101 Cassidy Boon

She made fun of Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. She is a raging feminist from Canada. She accused a man of rape after he saved her from drowning. She says Vegemite is racist towards Aboriginals because it's black. - ThePwoperMuser101

102 MADMAX53357

A severely messed up Mexican dude whose one video against the Legend of Zelda franchise is worth a million haters with some with some cynical/sarcastic humor. He says that the Super Mario series is the best which it technically isn't the only good franchise. I do like Mario and Zelda altogether, but like the others, he is not intelligent at all. I mean come on! He wears a dang white hockey mask with a straw hat and sunglasses on to not only hide his identity, but to protect his head from being blown off! What the heck? Oh, and to add insult to injury, I have heard that his favorite videos consist primarily of boob videos and the worst sport ever. Not to mention that his channel's background is not good as well.

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103 mariotehplumberrocks

Mariotehplumberrocks, if you're on this web's page and if you see yourself on this list, do us all a favor and please stop using Caps Lock, and death threats and insults! Please! You're overusing this trash over and over! If someone doesn't like mariotehplumber, why does that bother you? They don't like him! So what? You like him right? If yes, then exactly! You're starting fights for nothing and you're the reason why people stopped using caps lock because you're eating it whole! Death threats and hate messages are not fun to use at all, so get some help right away!

Mariotehplumberrocks' account got terminated not too long ago, believably because he's been reported many times for his monstrous behaviour for his idol. Most of you guys can celebrate for his termination, while some of you guys can moan about it.

This guy's not even a human being!

Well, well, well. Looks like we have ourselves a mariotehplumber fanboy. That's right! Every time when someone disagrees with mariotehplumber via comments or videos, mariotehplumberrocks will go INSANE on the person, by overusing the same gimmick over and over again; Overusing caps lock, death threats, and insults. Brand this psycho a troll, report him, and ignore him completely.

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104 metalsonic71
105 owl316 V 1 Comment
106 Fagscast

This, my friends, is one damn notorious Yogscast hater! He, or "It", rather, has created countless sorry excuses for sockpuppet accounts simply to troll the Yogscast, AntVenom, Gamechap and Bronies.
It sees comments posted in reply, takes screenshots at ridiculously quick times, some of comments posted 11 seconds from then, and insults people. It takes itself seriously to the point that it uses a robotic voice. Trust me, I've had a full-on argument with it. This.. Thing.. Is a bad egg indeed!

He trolls on the Youtube comments with his millions of sockpuppet accounts and then posts the comments on his main channel and makes fun of them. He is also a grammar nazi and he hates Yogscast and bronies for no reason.

This guy used to be absolutely hated, however now some people have actually found humor in his troll videos. Long story short, this guy has Sockpuppet accounts up the wazoo, hates Yogscast, AntVenom, Gamechap and Bronies. He calls them Yogdrnes, Antards, Gamecowards and Diseases respectively.

107 Justinge3

The original youtube troll. This guy didn't get enough exposure but was funny as hell and was one of the first trolls on YouTube. Look him up! Justinge3RocksGH. 333 He rocks! - tjexler

Vintage troll, if you remember him high hive.

108 HowToBasic

If the food he uses is still edible, he could be higher on the list. If the food is spoiled (which I believe), then he shouldn't be here.

Guys, the food that he uses is not edible. I really laugh out loud to his videos - TheTop10Man

I laugh out loud'd very hard when I saw his videos, he is really hilarious.

Why's he on the list!

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109 Warren Cook Warren Cook Warren Cook is a YouTuber who is a huge Disney fan . He makes these things called "Fake VHS Openings" which really annoy Goanimate users . Because of this, everyone on Goanimate hates him, and makes fun of him by making these "Grounded Videos" out of him .

Warren is a troll who makes fake VHS openings. He takes a Disney film, makes a fake date, adds the Neon mickey Disney logo to them, and adds "REAL, NOT FAKE" to the title. He even does similar things to animated films not made by Disney.

I think I've seen him.

He keeps making fake VHS openings

110 IntelligentSFMMFanboy

For those of you that look up anything related to amusement parks or theme parks. Avoid this moron. He Is a fanboy of Six Flags Magic Mountain and considers all other theme parks to be crap. he especially hates Cedar Point and all other six flags parks. Kill him now.

I thought he was a retarded 5 year old at first. He speaks like "you are a lesser type." And makes up his own words.

His top 10 worst roller coasters list was mostly cedar point coasters. And he hasn't even been there.

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111 TheRPGMinx V 2 Comments
112 120dog

This vote was from when my account was hijacked from a while ago. - TominatorXX

113 JustinBieberVEVO

O gosh Justin bieber is so annoying

Worst channel ever

Yup it's the real Justin gayber I saw him hating on a Eminem and smosh video and I was like hmm lets check if this is him so I clicked his prof pic and guess what I saw his music videos with 1 million plus views._.

It must be because of the braindead Beliebers and how famous he is. WHY IS Justin Bieber SO FAMOUS?!

114 BlackB0nd
115 Nicobbq

Dude, he's actually awesome. Have you watched the videos? He says "this is a prank. If you are offended easily, I recommend you don't watch this." He never did anything. He's a great YouTuber and his videos are amazing!

I know that his videos are a joke BUT COME ON! HIS LIST OF WHY EVERYONE IS NOT A HERO SUCKS!


His videos are satire.

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116 Vance Stone

Literally hitler stop this madman

Bad goy

oy vey

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118 TheLastAbacus

He snags top comment or draws dozens of responses every time he comments. He must be a mad genius or just really weird...

119 TheMysteryGuyRetums

Whoever wrote the review below: You CAN forget about this guy.

120 AnonymousGallery

Some people say that this obvious troll here steals people's videos and uploads them from his channel. Apparently though, to prove that he doesn't steal videos, he places the videos' respective owners in parenthesis within each video's title. He is still provocative after all, like the others.

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