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141 tomoyolovesakura

This person is a stupid child who is Roleplaying Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura. There's like a thousand of them on Youtube already. Anyway, she made everyone angry when she commented on a video of Bring Me The Horizon saying that she hated anyone who liked the album and she was being incredibly abusive. Also, she did the same thing on another video and everyone got pissed off because of it. The real Tomoyo Daidouji would never do that. And plus, she was using extremely bad Grammar and spelling. This person really needs to grow the hell up. Check her Youtube account, you will know what I mean.

142 Jaakko "Isvaffel" Järvinen

Jaakko Järvinen is from Finland and is really hard to understand his English and he often mumbles a lot and has the microphone way too close to his mouth. What makes when worse than any other AVGN ripoff is that he actually says he's The Angry Video Game Nerd and that's what he calls his show. He has the most misleading name on YouTube mainly because he sucks at video games and he's not even angry. He died on the second level of Super Mario Bros, He died in just a few seconds in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. He has 2,000 subscribers that actually think he's the real AVGN.

143 KJ Miller V 1 Comment
144 kossxf(Reddit Gold user)
145 Go!Fags

These guys we're forces you to love Go! Animate and hate Adobe Flash, they have some worst grammar I have ever seen. Especially the guy called FlashSuxDeek134

BrianBuddy2 (for disrespecting people's opinions on hating grounded videos), Nerry Marin (for forcing people to bring back their grounded series once they ended), and possibly Zacreaters (He hates grounded videos, but possibly disrespects Go! Haters opinions)

While they are despicable, I always love to watch these people rage in caps lock like Nerry Marin, Alvin/Derelict Corneo and Bill Microstoll. - SailorSedna

146 TheLulzyArtist

Another Nintendo hater. He does have some drawing skills, but he's the stereotype of internet trolls. He calls people stupid, autistic, retarded, he claims that his opinions are facts and said that his DNA doesn't allow his generation to be bullied. He just has to be here somewhere,

This moron thinks, since he's an artist, he thinks he's always correct. What kind of person is he?

Lulzy is "God of the Internet".

Best troll in the entire universe. He has the ability to make fantards of all types; such as Sonic Fags, Nintendrones, Xtwats, etc. , dance like puppets by using actual logic and facts.

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147 Tobakilacion

I've heard of this guy, and he does nothing more than harass those that have autism around the world, this makes him a disabilist. - AnonymousMann

This is just another sock account by Kittythemotherf***a

He's just like Jeffrey Kemper AKA Kittythemotherf*cka

148 Ricksatan972


149 durece100 V 1 Comment
150 Kosdff tK
151 GTAskillz

His channel got hacked a couple of weeks ago.

A Grand Theft Auto fanboy who disrespects opinions on many games and is very butthurt. He cannot spell.

This guy is CRAZY! He hates Geometry Dash, Angry Birds, My Little Pony, Minecraft and Halo 4 for no reason and says that Grand Theft Auto 5 is better than all of them because he always gets killed in the games he hates. He has many friends (most likely Sockpuppet accounts) who will attack you if you bash GTASkillz. He claims he has swag and also can't spell ("SUBSCRIBZ IF YU HAVEZ SWAG LIEK ME OK BYE! "). This person also rages all the time and gets butthurt easily.

A random YouTube jerk who doesn't even know how to spell. Undertale is made to be old fashioned, then criticizes it by saying that it's graphics look to skeptical! Minecraft is made to be simple but criticizes it by saying IT Is MADEZ OUZ OZ BLOCKZ! And says that Geometry Dash has no guns but because it's a platform game. He also hates Pokémon GO because it lags his phone and says the characters are. He even says that it TRICKS US TO GO OUTSIDE. He is very butthurt, retaliating within seconds when he sees a hate comment like this: *name of commenter*

" *insert game here* Is! Grand Theft Auto IS so MUCH BETTR! "
-GTAskillz 2016

152 TheVigilantChristian

To the person is claiming that "Disney and mainstream media is Satanic/the real truth of the world", you're absolutely crazy. Or are you his mother, father, brother, sister, fiancee or himself under another name?

Actually, he is very right, he has shown that Disney and most of the mainstream media is Satanic, and contains a lot of sexual subliminal messages. He is just trying to alert the populous to the real truth about the world.

I like Pixar better.

God, this guy is nothing but a stupid nutjob.

V 2 Comments
153 Tommy Parky

I heard that this Tommy Parky guy has got a penis like a pringles tub

Imagine a world without tommy parky And uttp TOMMY PARKY SHOULD GET A LIFE!

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154 UnstoppableLuck

He is really funny! Best of all, he trolls without being super rude. He always respects kids. I love him!

I agreed with you guy, Because he was funny for me! By the way, I always love his Minecraft Griefing and Trolling videos. - LapisBob

155 Oppressed Ziggers In Equestria
156 Prom5person
157 Testies125

This is Mariotehplumber's other channel.
The guy needs to die slowly and painfully.

If this is mariotehplumber's other channel, how come both Testies125 and mariotehplumber have different voices? Of course they have the same behaviour, but does that mean they are the same person?

He does poor rant videos on Sonic games, always overuses the phrase, "What the f***?! " over and over, always calls people "faggots" when they are going to buy games he hates, and always concludes videos with "I'm f***ing done! " I've heard that this might be mariotehplumber's other channel.

158 DarkSonic89

I know that I shouldn't put this guy on the list, but trust me, I had to. This guy here has been notorious for shoving his opinion down people's throats by convincing them not to like Luigi. I remembered him uploading his video against a fictional game character he doesn't like called "LUIGI MUST DIE" stating somewhat accurate statements about Luigi which are only flaws. He only relies on Mario and doesn't want him to have a brother in the first place. I understand how he felt, but Luigi is a fictional character! Nintendo made Luigi back in 1983 in order to invent a 2-player Cooperation arcade game. But this guy here just doesn't care. Not only that, but there are lots of fans who agreed with him! Why? Because they are either crazy or just plain gullible; or that they have similar opinions which is pretty common. His voice, his Shadow the Hedgehog recolor which is his only avatar he has in order to speak out, especially the custom sprite image of its giant head that has no emotion but ...more

He made a single hate video against Luigi and convinces people to avoid playing as Luigi at all costs. His videos, to me, are neither convincing nor satisfying.

DarkSonic89 is just a boring and emotionless attention beggar. That is all.

159 xJakeyH

-. - he thinks Call of Duty is the best game ever and hates on everything else. I think his account is down now

160 TruemetalHoss Aight

A troll who changes his name quite frequently trolling is his favorite pastime. Nobody knows who his real name is.

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