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161 UzerQ

This guy is always being suspended, also known as WhatTheTuckMick, WeModSandcastles, Sandcastles666 and 902g. They're only his popular accounts! This hacker is racist, anti-Semitic and just generally hates everyone! Poses as scene girls, anime fangirls and pegasisters.

162 3pactv

3Pac is just a troll who can't rap. Seriously, why the hell did you have to use the word "hoot"?

A hoot giver obviously put this on the list, son!

A wannabe Gansta troll who tried to call out Eminem. Other than that, there's nothing to him.

ZeroHootzSon you know I'm the best Troll Son! - 3Pac

163 SuperCrudBucket

Why isn't he higher on the list, anyway? I respect his opinion for not liking kitty0706, but he better NOT mock kitty0706's death! Another thing, you really can't call this kid "SuperCrudBucket" for nothing!

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164 DashingSwaggerVEVO

A long time ago, he would accuse me of being a bully, despite spouting numerous racist and homophobic remarks. There were also moments where it was clear that he was trying to make it personal by mentioning rather sensitive information from me. Whilst it was satisfying that he's gone now, but he still out there, not having justice served to him in the hour of need.

DashingSwaggerVEVO is a swaggot troll that takes trolling beyond it's limit, which is not a good thing.

165 Chase Arms

If you are a Christian don't look this guy up. He is a devil worshipper who's going around saying that Christianity is false and that Satan is the only god and forcing everyone to believe him so... Do Christians a favour and block him.

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166 richestplayerinrs

One of Mariotehplumber's Accounts, only has 6 videos, which are all rants on Sonic 4.

167 JoshIglesias427
168 N*****theheghog

Obviously is racist. - SailorSedna

Remember infamous troll known as rainmaka?
Well this is him. After rainmaka's account got deleted, he came back more racist then ever.
And if you are a fan of CuteFuzzyWeasel don't and I mean don't look him up. Because he hates him with a passion because he feeds trolls such as himself. I really hope CFW will feed this guy.

Wow talk about a troll who has problems and that's how his username's spelled out. He always rants about other youtubers who are more popular then him. He always and I mean ALWAYS overuses swear words in one comment. He always overuses the words f****g b***h n****r. And hates CuteFuzzyWeasel for mocking and feeding trolls. He is probably a butt buddy of mariotehplumber and xXMysteriousManXx.

169 DaChampTV
170 81Donnie

Chill dude the reason they call him a troll is because he insults our opinions doing this will make people think you are a troll. I know where your getting at is because the internet is not a good place to put your opinions.

Despite the fact he's a video game collector, why he's a troll to be put on the list is because he insults our opinions and couldn't respect them. In his top 10 Worst N64 Games, he never elaborates why he doesn't like Mario, Zelda, or Super Smash Bros, and his video description has this "U MAD, BRO? " kind of insult! Is he really fat? Oh, and his voice sucks too, probably hinting his obesity. I guess he only likes FPS games.

171 $$$jppollorena$$$
172 Videolover19994

Both of them like baby shows such as Barney and the oogieloves. He Hates every other show besides baby shows, and he Hates Nickelodeon & Spongebob.

Leave him alone, people like whatever they want.

173 Cedpooh36
174 King500r

This kid is a complete idiot who actually believes tsunamis are fake and says the government is brainwashing us into thinking they are real to scare us and always says smell the coffee beans which really irks my soul

We got a guy who says that tornados don't exist. Now one who says TSUNAMIS ARN'T REAL?! Here's a question king. Why can a tsunami NOT HAPPEN if a meteor hits water? Or a island sinks under the water? Maybe a large chunk if land lifting about 30 metres in under ten seconds under the ocean? HOW CAN THEM CAUSE A TSUAMI?!

175 RealDragonPhenomenon

He has 72 videos and from the 72, the 70 are fake. The one with the "100% REAL DRAGON", is the first video that comes up when you search "Real dragon caught on tape", and that's why it has become so famous. He gets tons of views and Subscribers every day because people believe he's lies on contests.

He basically has tons of troll videos, every single one is fake, some idiots may believe them. He's been doing this for years.

Of couse he is the biggest troll. all of he's videos are fake, some are scaring people, some are scamming people, some are making people believe new things... he should be at least #3

176 The Amazing Uncle Sam

Who's The Amazing Uncle Sam? I can't find this guy anywhere on YouTube.

This guy needs to grow up and quit trolling AC/DC, Metallica, and Nirvana fans already. He's a butt buddy of Bieberbabybooper

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177 BradyAK47

This person is a huge troll and an anime hater. He likes to bash Anime, Star Wars and Power Rangers and he claims to be against J. K Rowling because she is doing some crimes, which is a bunch of lies. He is a part of a group called Bogside Artists, which are really a bunch of idiots who are trying to prove the J. K Rowling is doing Plagarism crimes. I can remember him commenting saying that DBZ and Cardcaptor Sakura are blackmailing as a part of J. K Rowlings so-called crimes. This person obviously does not know what crimes she is doing and he needs to grow up.

This is what he said:

"This is disgusting, like the rest of the Anime/manga industry, DBZ is nothing but propaganda and conspiracy so their crime boss, JK Rowling could escape plagiarizing Adrian Jacobs' "Willy the Wizard" and the Bogside Artists "Travels with Li Po". See my video for more information about the lies and manipulation from Dragon Ball and the entire Anime industry"

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178 Vern the Vulture

Sick sick sick person hope he gets caught

Vern the vulture is a heartless bastard who makes fun of people with cancer and people who have died. he called taila joy a baldheaded circus freak and said she deserved to die. also mocks tragic events like 9/11. real ass if you ask me

179 oalf1000

Some dude with an idiotic picture acting like a total retard. he makes cheap ass videos that make no sense, he says that him and his dad are going to track the haters and beat them up. he is a complete idiot

180 Bodil40

He is a troll in Minecraft
A Parkour pro
I like his laugh, his laugh is hilarious!

Woh! Who forgot the famous Minecraft troller Bodil40. He does Trollcases (mod showcases but trolls his friends) and troll team crafted by epic jump maps.

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