Top 10 Bike-Able Places In Muncie, Indiana

Here is our top 10 best places to bike in the city of Muncie, Indiana.

The Top Ten

1 Cardinal Greenway
2 Prarie Creek
3 Minnetrista

Minnetrista has changing programming, workshops, and exhibits throughout the year. - greenrobin

4 Tuhey Park
5 Carnegie Public Library

The Downtown YMCA has been serving the community at 500 S. Mulberry since 1975. The facility features a fitness center, heated indoor pool, a full court basketball gym, a racquetball court, group exercise rooms, modern, locker rooms, an indoor track, and a center for youth. - greenrobin

7 Ball State University

Ball State University is a safe place for cyclists to ride and is easy to navigate. - greenrobin

8 Maring-Hunt Library

Well traveled by bike and an enjoyable place to be! - greenrobin

9 Be Here Now

The best concert hall and bar in Muncie. They are also promoters of cycling. - greenrobin

10 Savage's Ale House

An eclectic bar that serves delicious sandwiches. Also, a pro-bike atmosphere. - greenrobin

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