Best Billboard Music Awards Performances 2014

Did you watch last night's Billboard Music Awards 2014? Did you love Iggy Azalea's performances? Or did you have a heart attack and survived while watching MJ's hologram? Vote here for the best Billboard Music Awards Performances 2014!

The Top Ten

1 Slave To The Rhythm - Michael Jackson's Hologram

Iggy and Ariana's performance was hot but Michael always take the cake

Michael Jackson was technically brought back to life with a hologram! He did a moonwalk, and some other old famous MJ moves! - NintendoROCK3T

2 Fancy - Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX
3 Problem - Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea
4 Counting Stars - OneRepublic

The main singer Ryan Tedder made the Christian cross symbol on his shirt when he was singing! :0 - NintendoROCK3T

5 All Of Me - John Legend

His wife almost started crying in the audience! :') - NintendoROCK3T

6 We Are One - Pitbull & Jennifer Lopez

This was the opening performance. - NintendoROCK3T

7 You & I - John Legend
8 Tennis Court - Lorde

Lorde was even creepier and more zombie-like in this performance than ever! 8l - NintendoROCK3T

9 Birthday - Katy Perry

Whether it was staged or not, she took a random girl on stage (it was her actual birthday)! Then she sat her in a chair on a big cake and Katy Perry flew over the audience on a chair carried by balloons... - NintendoROCK3T

10 TipToe - Imagine Dragons

The Contenders

11 She Looks So Perfect - 5 Seconds of Summer
12 Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo
13 Wiggle - Jason Derulo
14 Vida - Ricky Martin
15 Empire - Shakira
16 Play It Again - Luke Bryan
17 Get Her Back - Robin Thicke
18 First Love - Jennifer Lopez
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