Best Billie Eilish Albums

The Top Ten Best Billie Eilish Albums


Kind of a silly list when she only has an album and an ep. - Powell

Okay, since she got only two albums, of which only one is a studio album, this list may not be that meaningful. But I have to vote. For me it's pretty clear that WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is the better album. don't smile at me was alright, but that's it. It doesn't have sth special. I guess Bellyache was pretty good. But WWAFAWDWG is unique. It's amazing and I'm saying this as someone who is totally not into Pop music. But this is just...different. I feel like this album is the beginning of a big influence, Billie Eilish will take on music and society. She's the first person since Kurt Cobain who in my eyes has the potential for that. This could become really great. - Mesel

I love how all the songs have a true meaning, I personally think it's better than DONTSMILEATME even though its still an AMAZING album

dont smile at me

Bro This album is AMAZING - Manlypants

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