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1 Bellyache

I love this song!

It great 9 out of 10

I love the chorus of this song and it has to be one of my favorites! - MistystreamtheWarrior

so good

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2 Idontwannabeyouanymore

2nd favorite song by her - nextflixlover

So beautiful and powerful, damn this good

3 My Boy

I mean, its great!

The best song ever it's so good

MY FAVORITE - nextflixlover

love it!

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4 Copycat

I really love copycat! It’s my second favorite song from her, it deserves more attention! - MistystreamtheWarrior


5 Ocean Eyes

This song is so pretty! - PandasNGaga

It's SO relatable!

She was so young when she made this song!

A great song - wheelers-

6 Lovely

I usually hate on slow songs, but this changed me mind.

The title describes the song. Literally! This song is lovely! - PandasNGaga

Isn't it lovely

Um why isn't this higher? its beautiful - spaceklance

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7 Party Favor

Deserves higher, it is a beautiful song and if our it at like 3 or something, love it

8 You Should See Me in a Crown

I usually dislike modern emo pop songs. But I really enjoyed this song. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Easily her best song. Both lyrically and musically.

9 Watch

9?! I love watch! It's so beautiful. When it God in my recommend it was a gift from God! Also other person who commented that happened to me to with the same song

I love this song so much! I wanted to sing it for my school talent show but I got scared.

10 When the Party's Over

Best billie song ever!

Yes - BreakFastBeast2005

This gives me the feels, also SOMEHOW reminds me of Tom and Tord (Eddsworld characters), don’t bully meh- I have no idea how to reminds me of it aa
Besides, this song is one of my favourites from Billie Eyela- I mean Billie Eilish, I almost cried listening to it.

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? !!!!!!!

I’m sorry I had to

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11 Six Feet Under

This is such a beautiful song! How is it at 11!?

12 Bury a Friend

I love this song! So deep and meaningful. It's kind of dark but I love it.

The best song lol my friends like them so a mazing

This is very dark. Someone wanting to bury a friend? Oh.

Such a good song I try to listen to it every night

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13 Hostage

3rd favorite song by her - nextflixlover

The most underrated billie song.

14 Bored
15 Bad Guy

I don't listen to much Billie Eilish, but this song is great! - PandasNGaga

Best song and such catchy lyrics

There's a swagger about this that is just irresistible. Fantastic

Great song! Billie Eilish is huge right now. Billie and Ariana rule the charts in 2019.

16 Come Out and Play
17 My Strange Addiction

My favorite song by her - Demon_Kitty


18 Goodbye
19 & Burn
20 Wish You Were Gay

It's hilarious (not really) that people think this song is rude.
Maybe actually listen to it and do just 5 minutes of research?
When the LGBTQ+ heard this song they lost their minds, but really it has a deeper meaning than you think and isn't homophobic at all.
She's saying that a guy doesn't like her, and she wishes that he didn't like her because he was gay and would never like her in the first place, when in reality he is straight and just doesn't like her because of her personality.
It's kind of confusing so I'll rephrase it.
A guy doesn't like her because of her personality. This hurts her feelings because she likes him, and she wishes that the reason he didn't like her was because he was gay, so that it's not her fault. But it is. (At least for the sake of the song)
So stop hating ya'll.
She's not homophobic. - SheWolfCloud

My favorite song ever! I learned all the lyrics in a day lmao and I listen to it all the time!

Rude you're so weird Billie Elish

Amazing song...

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21 Ilomilo

Great song superb music

22 Bitches Broken Hearts

Love it

23 All Good Girls Go to Hell
24 I Love You

The first time I heard this... I was caught off guard. The melody really stuck with me. Her performance is very heartfelt. Listen to this if you haven't yet.

25 Xanny
26 Listen Before I Go
27 8
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