Top Ten Binding of Isaac Bosses

Lists the best bosses through the Binding of Isaac series.

The Top Ten

1 Mom's Heart Mom's Heart

In vanilla Isaac, Mom's heart was the true final boss. And man, was it a pathetic one. It spawned monsters and... occasionally fired an explosive bullet? Rebirth did away with all that and transformed Mom's Heart into a straight bullet hell. This makes for a tougher and much more intense fight. When I first fought this boss, I think my heart was beating faster than Mom's. And who could forget the quadruple rotating laser attack? Overall, a great boss, and a far cry from the original. It just goes to show that Rebirth is so much more than a graphics overhaul. - Jmanx7

I thought this was pretty creative. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Yea, my bros a pro at this game. Moms heart is a piece of cake for him. Funny, after what Isaacs mom did to him (poor boy), I didn’t even know she had a heart! �"

2 Delirium
3 The Lamb The Lamb

The Lamb is a boss that doesn't get the appreciation it deserves. It's a victim of circumstance Since the first expansion was called Wrath of the Lamb, it's likely that The Lamb was intended to be included but was cut out due to the limitations of Flash. It was added in Rebirth, but so was Mega Satan, meaning The Lamb never got a chance to shine as a true final boss. It also doesn't help that it's found in the Dark Room. The first room of this floor presents the player with four red chests, which will likely contain spiders or troll bombs. On the other hand, The Chest presents the player with four gold chests that all contain pedestal items. So everyone goes there instead. It's a shame, because The Lamb is a really cool boss battle - way better than? in my opinion. - Jmanx7

4 Hush Hush

At first, Hush just likes like another Isaac clone. It even reuses? 's battle theme. Then you defeat it, and the real fight begins. It gets much larger, shoots a lot more bullets, and is overall much more menacing. It also uses damage scaling, so no matter how overpowered your items are, this boss packs quite the challenge. - Jmanx7

5 Conquest Conquest

Conquest is not a very popular boss, and it's not hard to see why. Getting three meat cubes or bandage balls in one run, then encountering Conquest instead of Death on floor seven can be fustrating. Thankfully, though, the Box of Friends and Potato Peeler made getting those achievements subtantially easier, so now we can appreciate how cool it is that this boss rides off screen, then a dozen copies of him ride in on the other side of the screen. And his homing shots and beams of light are cool too. And I like his design. - Jmanx7

6 Peep Peep

I love Peep. He's an iconic boss, and everything about him is unique. For one, he's the only monster who attacks with urine. That's cool, I suppose... But more importantly, his eyes. As Peep takes damage, his eyes will detatch and move around the room, blocking shots and dealing damage on contact. This is a very interesting and, well, unique form of progression. Certainly more so than just having stronger attacks. - Jmanx7

7 Mega Satan
8 Ultra Greed Ultra Greed

Ultra Greed, the final boss of Greed mode. This boss is just fun to fight. There's a lot of interesting ideas at play too. Since he has damage scaling, the challenge comes not from overpowering him, but from outlasting him. And when he screams as he's turned into solid gold, it is oh so satiafying. But wait, there's more. In Greedier Mode, when he turns to gold, he's still alive and kicking. He may have less health than before, but this fight is brutal. The are laser beams shooting out of the doors! When you defeat Ultra Greedier, it creates a sense of accomplishment that simply can't be acquired in the game. For these reasons and more, Ultra Greed easily makes it into the top five. - Jmanx7

9 Isaac Isaac

Bullet hell piece of crap, nearly harder than mom's heart. - Bloodbirth-HQ

The main reason I love this boss s the sole fact that you're fighting yourself. This is used in several other video games, but here in particular, it's just so jarring to see, and I can't quite put my finger on why. It also implements a bullet hell style quite well. And it got quite an upgrade in Rebirth: it actually moves! - Jmanx7

10 Wrath Wrath

I know, I know. Wrath isn't a boss, he's a mini-boss. But I don't really care. He's awesome. He's basically Bomberman. This makes him stand out from the other sins. Also, his bombs can be used against him, which is a neat mechanic. Though it may not make a lot of sense... then you realize... wrathful people tend to do self-destructive things. Good one, Edmund. - Jmanx7

The Contenders

11 Monstro Monstro

Monstro is an excellent example of a first boss. It teaches the player about how to bait attacks, all its attacks give you plenty of reaction time, there's just a lot to like about this boss. It also has a jump attack that's fair to dodge (*cough*). And it inspired not one, not two, but three pretty cool items. I have a lot of respect for this boss, and I think it's kinda cute... in an ugly sort of way. - Jmanx7

12 The Fallen
13 Satan
14 Loki
15 The Frail The Frail

The Frail is a boss that I don't hear about very often. Probably because Scolex exists. To me, though, The Frail is quite a memorable boss. Seriously, name one other non-final boss that has multiple health bars. (Brownie doesn't count.) At first, it's pretty much just Pin with a different face. Then you defeat it, and its skeleton is revealed. This is where the challenge ramps up quite a bit. It fires blood shots, gets creep everywhere, and even uses a rotating brimstone attack. For some other bosses, rotating lasers can be annoying to deal with. With this boss, there's only one at a time, so it isn't that hard to deal with. And that's why I like The Frail. Just ignore the fact that most tapeworms son't have skeletons. - Jmanx7

16 Ultra Pride
17 Mom
18 The Duke of Flies

Flies are hard enough... but this is the bane of my existence - Bloodbirth-HQ

If one fly wasn't bad enough - Not_A_Weeaboo

19 Monsto
20 The Bloat

The bloat has such a fair telegraphed attack

21 Mask of Infamy

If you have poison shot it isn't so bad. - Bloodbirth-HQ

22 Polycephalus
23 Scolex
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