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I love birds. There are tons of different bird species out there and I love looking for them just so that I can see them with my own eye. And since I live in Sweden, well, you guessed it, I've only seen Swedish birds for the most part. However they are quite interesting and beautiful for me and are probably the only birds I know so I'm going to list my favourite birds in Sweden, so here's the list

The Top Ten

1 Mallard

This bird right here is my all-time favourite bird. For a couple of reasons. During my childhood when I was very young we usually went to this lake in the city I lived in, and in the very lake I usually saw mallards and mute swans and this has made me grow a special love for these birds. Especially the mallard. I love the green face it has as it's shiny and gorgeous. It's one of the most beautiful birds - darthvadern

I saw a couple of these yesterday. They were always my favorite type of duck for some reason. - SirSheep

These guys are cool. - RadioHead03

Look like ducks - DarkBoi-X

2 Mute Swan

Pretty much everything I said about mallards apply here as well. They are extra nostalgic for me because of the very same reasons and it's the heaviest bird in sweden as well. Not only that but they look pretty awesome as well. I really love the orange beak. It's one of the best - darthvadern

What a beautiful bird. - RadioHead03

Pretty. - Firemist

3 Common Eider

The common eider, in swedish just simply known as the "ejder" is one unique bird. It's only found along the coastal areas and is quite rare but its design is one of the coolest. The male, which has a mix of black and white and a very cool beak. And the green neck is the most notable part in my opinion. One of the best - darthvadern

That one looks cool - DarkBoi-X

4 Eurasian Eagle-Owl

In Sweden known as "berguv", this is the heaviest and pherhaps biggest owl in Sweden. It also looks the coolest as I love those orange creepy eyes and the overall look of the owl as well. And it's one of the most badass as well. It even eats goshawks, which is one of the biggest carnivore birds in Sweden - darthvadern

5 Northern Goshawk

The northern goshawk (in Sweden known as "duvhök", translated in english to pigeon hawk, not to be confused with the merlin bird) is one beautiful bird. I love how majestic it looks and noble it looks. It's one of the biggest birds in Sweden and a carnivore one as well. But I love how majestic and noble is looks. Especially when it's flying as well - darthvadern

6 Eurasian Crane

The eurasian crane, or in Sweden just known as "trana" which translates into crane is the biggest bird in Sweden and thus deserves a mention on the list. I mean it's huge. Especially when compared to something like a yellow sparrow or something like that. I mean it it really is big - darthvadern

7 Eurasian Sparrowhawk

Another carnivore bird in Sweden, although much smaller, (but more common) than it's bigger hawk counterpart the northern goshawk. In swedish, known as simply "sparvhök", which translates to sparrowhawk is one pretty cool bird. The female is bigger than the male, and looks almost identical with the northern goshawk. The main difference is that it's a bit smaller. The male looks even cooler as it - darthvadern

8 Common Shelduck

This is a very cool variant of a water bird. I really, really like the red beak because it just looks awesome in my opinion. The rest of the bird looks pretty cool as well. It's basically a red version of the Mallard except much rarer to find as it can only be found in southern Sweden. I just don't know why they're called "gravand" in swedish - darthvadern

9 Common Redshank

It's my favourite of the shanks birds mainly because of the awesome looking red beak and legs. The common greenshank and wood sandpiper have usually green legs and grey beak, but the redshank, in swedish known as "rödbena", has red on both and I really like it. It deserves to be on the list - darthvadern

10 Eurasian Bittern

This is one of the hardest birds to actually find. The "rördrom" (what it's called in swedish) is excellent and camoflauging so to see one you either have to be very good to see through his/her camoflauge in the reed, or if lucky see one flying (I actually saw one the latter way) and it's one cool bird. It's very big and the best way to recognize it is to see if it has a tail or not. If it lacks one, then congratulations! - darthvadern

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11 Chicken The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a population of more than 19 billion as of 2011.

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12 Tawny Owl
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