Top 10 Best Birthday Presents for Gordon Ramsay


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1 Ronald McDonald Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald: Hi Gordon
Gordon Ramsay: *screams like a little girl*

What the hell is this? Is this some sort of joke? :V - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Ronald feeds him food from McDonalds such as the Chicken McNuggets. Ramsey is gonna complain about how rubbery the chicken is.

2 Risotto

In all seriousness, when's the last time this guy's had a good risotto? Last one I saw him have was pretty much glued to the plate. - Zach808

Ummm..I thought you'd be serious about this list , As..its someone's birthday - which is meant to be very special. - Ananya

3 The Flag of Scotland
4 Lamb Sauce

Now he’ll know where the lamb sauce is. - MrCoolC

WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE?! - KingSlayer93316

5 A Coupon to Free Meals at Hell's Kitchen
6 The Flag of England

Being of Scottish origin, he'd put his culinary skills on display here and burn it. - Britgirl

7 A Chef Hat
8 Raw Meat

Better yet, raw meat from the basement of Dillon's. - Zach808

€Cooked” by Raj from Hell’s Kitchen (forgot what season) - KingSlayer93316

9 A dictionary of swear words

I'm pretty sure he's already written several of these. - Zach808

HE'S the dictionary - TwilightKitsune

Well, he's the dictionary himself, like TwilightKitsune. - BorisRule

I’m pretty sure he said all of them. - BlazingParasol

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11 A TheTopTens Account

That would be so damn hilarious! - BorisRule

LMFAO if he had a account on this site that'd be hilarious. - CaptainMowzker

If this happens, I’d avoid the food section - KingSlayer93316

12 Undercooked veal
13 Haggis
14 Anger Management Classes

I watched a video on YouTube showing that he has a nice side

15 The Emoji Movie
16 Tommorowland

This movie sucks

17 Epic - Blood on the Dance Floor
18 Day69 - 6ix9ine
19 Boris The Red Teeth Guy - Go!Animate Boris The Red Teeth Guy - Go!Animate
20 8 year old fake caviar
21 A Caillou DVD
22 SpongeBob Season 7 DVD
23 Bound 2 - Kanye West
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