Top 10 Best Birthday Presents to Give to a Metalhead

If your friend or someone from your family is into Metal you can look into this list.

Here you can get some inspiration if you
don't know what you should buy for him/her.

The Top Ten

1 A ticket for a concert

That would rock. Seriously. The best birthday gift for me. - LightningBlade

YASS! That would be my dream come true! But the problem is, my parents think I'm still too young, so they probably won't allow me to - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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2 An album V 1 Comment
3 A band shirt V 2 Comments
4 An Instrument

If he/she wants to learn his/her favorite songs an instrument is perfect. - Fretto

5 Make Up

Make up for the 80s hair metal fan, but for every other sane metalhead... - Lucretia

Most women use it everyday so that's fine.
Or you can use it for corpsepaint. - Fretto

6 A movie

Metal Evolution - documentary, 12 episodes. - Metal_Treasure

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7 A poster

An Obscura poster as gift? - AWESOME! - Fretto

8 A necklace

It looks cool & it can be a cheap one.
Good designs: the number 666, a pentagram etc. - Fretto

9 A vip pass V 1 Comment
10 A videogame V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 A chain
12 A cake

A devils food cake not a angel food cake, - Lucretia

I once got a cake in the form of Abbath's head & it looked incredible!
Sadly there wasn't any permafrosting on it. - Fretto

13 A Bible

I am a atheist. Plus I sort of already have one my mom bought for me. - Lucretia

Don't feed the troll.
(Of course there are christian metalheads but still it's a very cheap way to troll.) - Fretto

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1. An Instrument
2. A ticket for a concert
3. A band shirt
1. A ticket for a concert
2. An album
3. A band shirt
1. A ticket for a concert
2. An album
3. A band shirt



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