Top Ten Birthdays of Popular TopTenners

I've been doing birthday lists for a while now, and I'll only do more. But might as well list 'em all here.

The Top Ten Birthdays of Popular TopTenners

1 PositronWildhawk (Dec. 18)

I share a birthday with two fascist dictators, but I promise that that isn't my fate. - PositronWildhawk

2 Britgirl (Feb. 14)

Her birthday is on Valentine's Day? Cool. - AnonymousChick

ON Valentines Day - AlphaQ

I was born 5 days after this day! - davakoh

That's the same birthday as my intermediate extended day teacher Ms.Sidney - Kevinsidis

3 PetSounds (May 8)

It's easier to call it m8 day, so I'll stick with m8 day. - Turkeyasylum

4 keycha1n (May 29)
5 htoutlaws2012 (Aug. 17)

This’ll be easy to remember. That date is my brother’s birthday! And my cousin’s too! And a friend’s as well! - Misfire

So his birthday is 8 days before mine? - Userguy44

6 Superhyperdude (Apr. 17)
7 LizardKing99 (Jul. 6)

The face of danger, baby. - LizardKing99

8 BKAllmighty (Aug. 29)
9 Turkeyasylum (February 3)
10 Kiteretsunu (Sep. 13)

The Contenders

11 happyhappyjoyjoy (Apr. 1)

Same as my uncle, only he's almost four times her age. - PositronWildhawk

12 bobbythebrony (June 23)
13 IronSabbathPriest (Dec. 26)

Boxing day? You unlucky thing. - gemcloben

14 keyson (Oct. 27)

Same as my annoying brother, only he's six years younger than keyson, and three younger than me. - PositronWildhawk

15 JaysTop10List (May 8)

If I have to share a birthday, Jay's not a bad person to share it with. - PetSounds

Hey, we've got TWO users born on m8 day! - Turkeyasylum

16 CrimsonShark (Oct. 5)

I get to share the same birthday as Kate Winslet, Jesse Eisenberg, Jacob Tremblay, Brian Johnson, Guy Pearce, Bernie Mac (RIP) and Neil deGrasse Tyson. That's good enough for me :). - CrimsonShark

17 ModernSpongeBobSucks (Aug. 4)

Same birthday as Barack Obama and Louis Armstrong. Huh, neat. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 Delgia2k (December 20)

Same as my grandma - Ajkloth

19 Nintendofan126 (April 6)

My birthday is almost here! - nintendofan126

20 MontyPython (Dec 25)

This is the best day to be born on, along with 1 January. - Moyachhka

He gets double gifts. - Go2Rutledg

Merry Christmas! - TwilightKitsune

21 445956 (March 21)

Bro, your birthday is 10 days before mine. - AlphaQ

Yup, this is when I was born. My Hebrew middle name is Aviv, which means Spring. My Hebrew first name is Shmuel, and my real name is Samuel. - 445956

I’m literally 10 days older than Sam. - NightmareCinema

22 CityGuru (Dec. 5)
23 Eternal_Laughter (Nov. 7)
24 Puga (Sep 10)

Well, I guess Puga is 6 Days older than me. - EpicJake


The day before September 11th. O_O.

25 Ajkloth (Sep. 18)

You share a birthday with my cousin! - PositronWildhawk

26 VelitelCabal (March 20)

Same ad Chester Bennington of Linkin Park! I was fated to like his songs...

27 jack2244 (Feb. 26)

So lukcy. I wish I was born in February.

28 Lucretia (September 18)

You have the same birthday as me!

29 Catacorn (Jun. 7)
30 CerealGuy (October 8)

I was so close. (October 6) - Juan-Luis

31 AnonymousChick (March 1)

This is my sister's birthday. - PianoQueen

32 Garythesnail (Sept. 3)

Born on Labor Day. Not like anyone could care less. - Garythesnail

Hey, a lot of people would care! You're a popular user here. That's also the day after my father's birthday. - PositronWildhawk

33 PianoQueen (February 19)
34 M4j0r45 (February 21)
35 jack2244 (Dec. 23)

The day before Christmas Eve! :D

36 TwilightKitsune (19th March)

What a boring day - TwilightKitsune

Oh hey we share the same birthday - Jasmine21064

37 Sausagelover99 (Jul. 22)
38 Kevinsidis (November 13)
39 Boygenius234 (December 20)

We have the same birthday! - Misfire

40 AlphaQ (March 31)

Its right before april fools day lmao - AlphaQ

Hella lit to know your birthdays a day before April Fools Day.
~ AlphaQ

41 WonkeyDude98 (March 9)

My birthday’s also in March, but right at the end.
~ AlphaQ

42 Randomator (May 29)

Not that popular but whatever - Randomator

Well happy birthday! - MorlaTurtle8

43 Bammer73 (October 21)
44 Epekov (Jun. 15)
45 letdot52 (Apr. 6)
46 Wolftail (Nov. 10)
47 funnyuser (Sep. 12)
48 CastlevaniaFanboy128 (May 18)
49 MoldySock (Jan. 15)
50 Usa123 (July 26th)
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