Top Ten "Bitch, I....." Quotes

The Top Ten

1 Bitch, I wear sandals

Laughing Hard on This One - Pony

And I wear trainers - TwilightKitsune

2 Bitch, I own a goldfish
3 Bitch, I'm a pony

Why do I think Rarity would say that? - Pegasister12

4 Bitch, I go on TheTopTens
5 Bitch, I eat shoelaces
6 Bitch, I wear Prada
7 Bitch, I am from Boston
8 Bitch, I light candles
9 Bitch, I go on Google
10 Bitch, I graduated Navy Seals top of my class and was involved on numerous raids on al-Qaeda. I have over 300 confirmed kills and trained in gorilla warfare. I know over 300 ways to kill you

Haha. - Fandom_Lover

The Contenders

11 Bitch, I love cake
12 Bitch, I'm Batman

Haha..the best here - Ananya

13 Bitch, I'm a frittata floating in the quesadilla lemonade

Best one on this list by far! - Wolftail

14 Bitch, I'm fabulous
15 Bitch, I got the mac or the 40
16 Bitch I'm Madonna

Great song though!

17 Bitch, I eat nails for breakfast without any milk
18 Bitch, I got broads in Atlanta
19 Bitch, I am part of the Salty Spitoon
20 Bitch, I am queen

More like Bitch I'm Madonna (Queen of Pop).

21 Bitch, I use shampoo
22 Bitch, I got me some watermelon
23 Bitch, I ain't into all that Call of Duty stuff
24 Bitch, I don't care about that
25 Bitch, I can't kill Kendrick's vibe
26 Bitch, I don't f*** with you
27 Bitch, I'm a really disgusting woman that lives in a cottage with no husband and a bunch of cats
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