Top 10 Biting Enemies In Mario Games

This top 10 list is about Mario enemies that bite! These enemies attack Mario by biting! No bosses included.

The Top Ten

1 Clampy (NSMB Wii & NSMB U)

This clam has a bite that can trap a human whole! The shell opens and waits for a victim to get inside. Then it bites really quickly and traps the victim inside the shell! The Clampy's humungous bite is used for trickery! - Super-Eric1993

2 Chain Chomp (Super Mario Bros 3) Chain Chomp (Super Mario Bros 3)

It Chomps everything testy to it and if it is free you screwed brutther

Their hit area is enormous, especially if they are mega. The only weakness is to pound its post... right next to its mouth!

It's bites are aggressive! If it's in a chain, it bites ferociously. If it's free, it'll repeatedly bite as it roams around in freedom. It's bite can be far worse than its bark! - Super-Eric1993

3 Piranha Plant (Super Mario Bros) Piranha Plant (Super Mario Bros)

They are carnivorous biters! No matter if they're big or small, they bite to kill! - Super-Eric1993

Piranha plants are beter

4 Biting Bullet Bill (Yoshi's Island)

This is one Bullet Bill that really bites! It'll chase after you while chomping its sharp teeth! This is not what a regular Bullet Bill would do. - Super-Eric1993

5 Mattermouth (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

This enemy bites on carpets over the abyss! While it bites, it leaves a long trail of bitten holes for you to fall. - Super-Eric1993

6 Unagi (New Super Mario Bros)

It has sharp teeth equipped for biting down hard. The Mega Unagi's bites can bite through blocks as it chases you. - Super-Eric1993

7 Blargg (Super Mario World)

Once it emerges out of the lava, it'll make a surprise bite! - Super-Eric1993

8 Snap Jaw (Yoshi's Island DS)

It bites to climb on vines. Vines are the favorite food to Snap Jaws. - Super-Eric1993

9 Mandibug (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)

When it sees you, it'll charge at you and attempt to bite you with their sharp teeth. - Super-Eric1993

10 Cataquack (Super Mario Sunshine)

It uses its beak to bite you and toss you high in the air. The Blue Cataquacks' bites are harmless, but the Red Cataquacks' bites will damage you! - Super-Eric1993

The Contenders

11 Slurple (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)
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