Most Bizarre Picks from Day 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft

With some great picks, there are perhaps destined blunders you caught immediately. ell these players may be either absurd or just high risk to go right away with.

The Top Ten

Gareon Conley To the Raiders

He along with Peppers were two guys you wouldn't to even get picked at all with the negative news you hear. Yet the ghost of Al Davis must be watching over them because the unknown Raider is there, and alive and well. The problem with this gamble first round pick is we do not know if he actually did those allegations. - htoutlaws2012

Jabrill Peppers to the Browns

Look I like the kid in Michigan, but in the pro's I think he'll be gone in 2 years. Now drafted to the Browns that could very well happen. I mean were moving away from being a kick return, or punt return league reduced to taking safe knees. Where as Peppers came in at the wrong time to do the things he did in Michigan. Not only that, but what stands for this guy is his diluted sample failure, and also not played the last two bowl games which I find interesting. - htoutlaws2012

Evan Engram to the Giants

To me this pick clearly makes zero sense why the Giants went this route. I hate to pull a Mel Kiper, but the guy I thought they should of took was Dalvin Cook, and his still there. He'll be snatched up by Green Bay it looks like. Even an Offensive Lineman I would not of knocked them for getting, but a Tight End no less one that wasn't even the 2nd best projected Tight End. - htoutlaws2012

Mitchell Trubisky to the Bears

This was clearly the most shocking pick of the draft the way it happened. the bears gave up I feel a little too much just to move up one spot in a guy that isn't even my top QB of this draft. I did figure he would fall within 2 to 12. I understand the fact that yes this team needed a QB. The way this was executed made me question John Fox's way of thinking. - htoutlaws2012

John Ross to the Bengals

This one I do not get either, Bengals needed to focus more on somewhere between both offensive, and defensive line, even a linebacker would of been fine. They lost a lot of guys, and they pick A Wide Receiver the fastest one no less. While it sounds great on paper, remember the losses Cincinnati lost on that once great offensive line they once had. - htoutlaws2012

Ryan Ramczyk to the Saints

I'm confused Saints, are you, or are you not going to focus on defense in this draft? If so why take an another tackle for? The Saints offensive line is build good what else is there to give? - htoutlaws2012

Adoree Jackson to the Titans

Okay yes Corey Davis too was a reach, but that pick I get why they went with him, but as for Adoree Jackson I do not feel the same for. Yes they needed a corner, but Tre'Davious White was still there at that point. - htoutlaws2012

Mike Williams to the Chargers

With a name like Mike Williams, you think of the Lions player 12 years ago who did not pan out, or the forgettable Tamp Bay player 7 years ago who did okay, but nothing memorable. I wonder if this Clemson one well fall the same fate, is this the birth of the Mike Williams curse in the NFL. I guess WR was there, but I digress in that, The illuminate confirmed! - htoutlaws2012

Patrick Mahones II to the Chiefs

While I applaud the Chiefs for finally getting a QB, and perhaps replacing Alex Smith with this guy would be awesome, but at the same time with it does not work? - htoutlaws2012

Charles Harris to the Dolphins

I'm intrigued by this pick, but also kind of surprised they did go in that defensive trench. If anything the safer pick would been going for the highest guard, but not totally strange, I had to put in a filler pretty much. - htoutlaws2012

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