Top 10 Bizarre Places to Get Married


The Top Ten

1 On a Nude Beach

Everyone will be distracted - Yc07

2 Underwater
3 Garbage Dump
4 In a Caravan
5 A Rooftop

Overl√łoking gorgeous London. Sounds wonderful... - Britgirl

6 In Public Toilets
7 In a Library

How the silence will be maintained then...? - Ananya

8 A Strip Club
9 A Railway Station

This sounds so romantic. My dream wedding. The railway station would have a 1940s theme with a steam train and my man would be dressed as a city gent, wearing a bowler hat and an overcoat. And our first dance in the tea house on the platform would be Yours by Dame Vera Lynn... - Britgirl

10 On an Operating Table

The Contenders

11 While Skydiving

I think people had did this... - Ananya

12 On Mars

I would love this, but it is weird. And how do you kiss the bride from under the space helmets? - PositronWildhawk

13 A Forest
14 At McDonald's

That would be definitely one way to cheapen one's wedding. (Not in terms of money, but, in terms of the sanctity of the event itself.)

The stench of burgers and fries would get imto the material of your wedding dress. Ugh! - Britgirl

15 On a Mountain

I think a lot of people do this - PositronWildhawk

16 On a Bus
17 In Prison
18 In a Cave
19 In a Supermarket

So the bride has another kind of aisle to walk down...

20 At a Church

This is actually a very common and normal place to get married

21 In A Random Person's House
22 Your Front Garden
23 In Bed
24 On a Rollercoaster
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