Top Ten Bizarre 'Would You Rather...' Questions


The Top Ten

1 Have a mouth for a bum or a bum for a mouth?

The human centipede much? Laugh out loud - MoldySock

Either way, you'll end up talking out of it. - Britgirl

2 Have a nose for an elbow or an elbow for a nose?
3 Spend a year as a recluse or wear an "I <3 Justin Bieber" T-shirt for one day?

RECLUSE! PLEASE! Anything but the alternative! Gah! - Britgirl

Second choice. It never said that you can’t wear a jacket over it. LOOP HOLE - MarioNinja101

4 Drink something disgusting or enter the field of rivals England v Argentina in football?

You are better not knowing which is the something disgusting! And also the condition in which you enter the field! Hahaa you were quite polite this time, Britgirl! - keyson

Thank you to Keyson for this question. Note, I have altered it slightly to save delicate stomachs but the question remains intact - Britgirl

5 Have hands for feet or feet for hands?

I saw a film with this once (no not porn) it just looked bizarre! - Britgirl

6 Be scalped or sport an 80s mullet?
7 Spend an eternity with someone you dislike for companionship or just two minutes in your lifetime with a loved one?

Two minutes is finite, and in this case more pleasant, so I'll go with that. Unless I have a mallet in the other circumstances, and s/he doesn't. - PositronWildhawk

Second choice because I’m scared of commitment, so two minutes would be fine for me - MarioNinja101

I'd make that two minutes a memorable two minutes for both of us. So, yeah, I choose the second choice. And I voted on this list, so indirectly, I chose the first option from "Read this list, vote and / or comment or take g bath in cold baked beans all day? "
P.S. That means those who don't vote for this list would indirectly choose to take g bath in cold baked beans all day! So everyone, if you read this list, please vote! - Kiteretsunu

8 Have lips for a nose or nose for lips?
9 Read this list, vote and / or comment or take a bath in cold baked beans all day?

Hmm... It would be interesting to see which way you'd go... - Britgirl

First choice obviously, the second one is disgusting - MarioNinja101

10 Have a rewind button or pause button for life?

Pause button all the way!

Rewind button because I can fix things that I didn’t like - MarioNinja101

If I can’t have both I’d rather have a rewind button - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Kiss your elderly neighbour with loose false teeth or never ever kiss the man / woman of your dreams?

First choice, it never said that you can’t kiss them on the forehead or cheek - MarioNinja101

12 Eat poop or drink pee?

Drink pee. Poop gets stuck to your teeth! - Britgirl

I’d rather drink pee because you can use the straw from Vat19, which turns it into clean drinking water. It never said that you can’t use it. /Loop Hole - MarioNinja101

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