Top 10 Most Bizzare Things That Could Be In Your Dream

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1 School

Once, I had a strange dream where I went to school and then every single person going there chased me for no reason! It felt epic when I was sleeping, and I woke up when I got chased all the way to Japan!

I had a few of these dreams:

-once was being naked in a bathroom stall with my mom, a teacher, and a random student
-another was a kid puking in gym

I remember last year from school. I was in 7th grade last year. And evrytime I go home a dream, guess what it is? SCHOOL! I mean come on! Why school? Well I have so many weird dreams that includes me in SCHOOL! Whenever its a disaster, A cartoon character, or a wet dream. YES! I HAVE THOSE AT SCHOOL TOO!

In my dream world, there is every place in my place, but it's different kind of. And school was one of
them. At the end of the hallway, you'd see a HUGE picture of a pancake with syrup. I wish lunch was earlier.

2 Spongebob Characters

I had one where SpongeBob jumped out of a trash can.

I have a few dreams about them. For an example I had one dream where for some reason I was in a tree house and plankton was there and helped him get the secret fourmula. ITS SO BIZZARE!

3 Spiders

Yes I know it sounds weird but its true. There's this one dream where there was a giant spider in my school. Its not a nightmare and I don't know what species of spider it is but its just a giant spider. And do I really need to explain whats the plot of it?

4 Normal

Sometimes these dreams are normal. But the reason why its weird is because dreams are suppose to be fn and not boring.

My dreams are NEVER normal...they’re always weird in some way.

5 Wet Dreams

OH COME ON I DON'T LIKE THOSE! Every time I have to dream about them. My pants and boxers always smell and felt like some jell stuff that did not come out of my thing. I always have to wake up and wipe it off. WITH TOLIET PAPER!

6 Random Places

Yes, my dreams mostly occur in my terrace. I keep running around and I fall down. - Animefan12

THIS IS THE MOST COMMON THINGS THAT HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY DREAM! I mean I don't know how I got there. But its still pretty weird.

All the time!

Once I had a dream where I was at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim and I accidentally rode the California Screaming coaster backwards so I got to ride it again (which never happened). I've been to Disney's California Adventure but I didn't ride Screaming during my vacation.

In another dream I was at dentist where there was BLOOD EVERYWHERE! So disturbing!

I've also had dreams where I was in Vegas, NYC, a mall, restaurants, you name it.

7 Cartoon Characters

UGH! Do I really need to say there names? Yes I already mention spongebob characters but there's others. Such as fish hooks, johnny test, and so on. I HATED THAT!

I am obsessed with the Backyardigans and I actually had a dream that Backyardigans characters were printed on Pampers diapers.

Disney's Hercules characters sometimes appears in my dreams

8 Short Dreams

My dreams are sometimes long, but they can also be short.


9 Sleeping In a Dream

One of the worst dreams ever. I mean how does this makes much sense? SLEEPING IN YOUR OWN DREAM? That's WORST THEN WET DREAMS! Its so annoying. Well that's it. I hope you like that list so bye.

10 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.


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11 Random People

Same thing as Random places. WHO ARE THEY!

12 Sex

Don't Get Me Started

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14 Dreaming of a Zombie wedding

Don't ask me how, but I had a dream where I married my best friend. I was walking down a drive-way and my best friend was standing at the end, when I reached him, he said we were getting married. I went along with it, then he announced " the guests have arrived." I turned and a stampede od ZOMBIES arrived at my wedding... It gets weirder, when the ceremony was finished we had a GIANT food fight, resulting in death. You can't make this stuff up.

15 Dreaming of the Future

I actually predicted the future with one of my dreams once. I dreamt that all my relatives went to CA for a wedding. Then it happened a few months after. In my dream it happened in LA. In real life it happened in San Francisco.

It was probably a coincidence. I am not psychic nor can I accurately predict the future.

My future dreams always include optimus prime...

16 KFC
17 Being in the Hunger Games
18 Dora
19 Mimes
20 Pornography
21 Diapers
22 Blood
23 Nudity
24 Temper Tantrums

I had dreams where I threw temper tantrums over green tea rice and flipped a table over at a restaurant out of anger due to being embarrassed/yelled at by the entire family

25 Evil Twin

I had dreams where I had an evil twin who destroyed my entire house and constantly threw tantrums

26 Vomit
27 Body Waste

Eg. pee and poop

28 Your Parents
29 Your Relatives
30 Your Siblings
31 Baby Paraphernalia
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