Best Bizzy Bone Verses Verses From Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

This was a very difficult when choosing because all of his lyrics are dope. These are only from the group. No solo.

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1 Thug Love

All y'all fall Bizzy gettin bitches test me bless the floor
In any attempt to arrest me stress me lord
Looking at death with the last of my breath
Follow follow my kids but don't sin in my steps

2 Notorious Thugs

And heated especially ball your team, and a 45 indeed will
Beam now between the scenes destroy your dreams, you willing to die we'll see
How many faces when I cause the scene. We mean mug, Mo' Thugs trying to be
Perfect--disciples, when its survival told by the double edged sword triple,
Six rivals

3 Home
4 Thugish Rugish Bone

Gotta give it on up to the glock glock
Pop pop, better drop when them buckshot blow
The bone in me never no ho, so no creepin up outta the ziplock
So sin, sip gin, and lil' mo heart run up, nut up
And flipped in, than slipped the clip in, mistakin' the bloody victims
Ever if ya test nuts, to the chest and put em to rest
And, but I won't test bucks, put a hole up into me vest

5 No Surrender
6 East 1999
7 Handle the Vibe
8 Down 71

Hit the bend, oh what the dum dum I got yum yummed on the dead end
They set in, then they lead in,
They wanting me off in the coffin
Cops from everywhere was yellin and wailin' I went unconscious,
From the stompin' taking ah loss, and waking up in the coffin,
And without no stallin'
Cell I was tossed in to be arraigned at dawning,
Looking in the eyes of a judge,
He knew right where to put that thug
Made to be so, wid no parole
In the hole but I won't budge
Sent me to deathrow,
Watchin' the time by fly past

9 Creepin On Ah Come Up
10 1st of the Month

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11 Resurrection (Paper Paper)
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