Best Björk Singles

Björk is like one of the most awesome musicians EVER! I've been in love with her music ever since I started listening to her. Please, OFFICIAL SINGLES ONLY! I wish I hadn't put that rule in for my Björk non-singles list that I made a million years ago but I'll see if I can delete that part from my description on that list.

The Top Ten

1 Bachelorette

It's a masterpiece. That's really all that can be said because words couldn't possibly do it justice. - theOpinionatedOne

2 All Is Full of Love

The version on Homogenic is okay but the single version used in the video is far better. The beat is trance-inducing...not like the genre, an actual trance. - theOpinionatedOne

3 Hyperballad

This is something I wish modern dance music took more cues from. This is far more pleasant to the ear than whirry high-pitched synths and a character-less beat. This is dance music with class. - theOpinionatedOne

4 Jóga

This song is why I love the fusion of classical and electronic music. This song right here! - theOpinionatedOne

5 Pagan Poetry

Strikingly dark in nature, with a raw vocal performance that leaves little up to interpretation in terms of the protagonist's feelings. Perfectly crafted instrumental as well. Vespertine needed one slightly danceable track and this one fits that bill. - theOpinionatedOne

6 Alarm Call

I would have preferred this song have been included on Greatest Hits over Hunter but the whole Homogenic album is a masterpiece. - theOpinionatedOne

7 Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Minimix)

Not much of a fan of the original but this club-ified remix gives the song an entire new life I never knew was there. - theOpinionatedOne

8 Possibly Maybe

I find myself listening to this one rather frequently so that's why it's at #8 for me. - theOpinionatedOne

9 Isobel

This one is just like another world when you listen to it. - theOpinionatedOne

10 Human Behaviour

The Contenders

11 Venus As a Boy

I want him, Björk! Can you find me my very own Venus As a Boy? Please! But I really love this song though. Her vocal is simply beautiful and the arrangement is nice and dreamy just how I like. - theOpinionatedOne

12 Army of Me
13 Wanderlust
14 It's Oh So Quiet
15 Moon
16 Hidden Place
17 Hunter
18 Cocoon
19 Play Dead
20 Innocence
21 Cosmogony
22 I Miss You
23 Who Is It
24 Declare Independence
25 It's in Our Hands
26 Crystalline
27 Triumph of a Heart
28 Violently Happy
29 Earth Intruders
30 Náttúra
31 The Dull Flame of Desire
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