Top Ten Bjork Songs Not Released as Singles

The top ten songs (and beyond) from the Icelandic Songbird, that were not released as singles, but would have made good ones.

If a song was released as a Promo Single (i.E. "I've Seen It All", "Oceania") do not list it.

If a song was released as a Video Single (i.E. "Where Is the Line", "Hollow", "Mutual Core") do not list it.

The Top Ten

1 Unravel

Did you expect something different for #1? Of course this should have been serviced as a single, in my opinion it should have been in place of "Hunter", but any and every song from Homogenic would have been a good single. -

2 It's Not Up to You

Really great song, possibly Bjork's best in my opinion

3 Desired Constellation

There was a video made, but no official single release. And I think this is probably one of Medúlla's best, if only Drawing Restraint 9 was pushed back a little bit, she could have devoted more time to promoting Medúlla. -

4 Stonemilker
5 Scatterheart

"I've Seen It All" was the obvious choice for promotional release from Selmasongs, but this is another great track. Her voice, as always soars and swoops, and the chorus is stunning. -

6 Aeroplane

Maybe, I'm in the minority, but I found that the more experimental half of Debut is the better part. This song and "Come to Me" were my favorites. But "Come to Me" is just that gem that you need to have the album to experience fully. -

7 Lionsong

This was released as a single :/

8 Unison

Her emotions are at full blossom in this song; easily the most beautiful song off of Vespertine - frienderman

This should be 1

9 Enjoy

This seemed like the sister track of "Army of Me", maybe because of the similarity of the synthesizers, but I really like this one. -

10 I've Seen It All

The Contenders

11 Solstice

The instrument she used to make this song is highly unusual (see the live performance). Even though it only has 4 notes patterns that alternates during the song, she is able to bring it all together with her voice. She driving a conversation between her and her music. It results in a perfect ending for the album as well as song to liberate all negativity within. Björk has this ability to bring you higher than any other artist, even with the simplest song.

Her voice on this song, is sublime. There's such an intimate feel to it and it really let's you absorb everything that's going on. -

12 Aurora

The "Frosti" interlude with "Aurora" are a definitive highlight to Vespertine, but understandably this song's lyrical content, much like "Pagan Poetry" are a bit to much for individual release. But her voice on this track is phenomenal. And the similarities with "Pagan Poetry" are too much alike for both to be released, and PP is superior in my opinion. -

13 Pluto

This would've been great in the club. Not exactly a vocal highlight, but the music is commanding. I think it could have been a top 10 hit on the dance chart if it was released. -

14 Sod Off
15 Crying
16 Black Lake

This was released as a single :/

17 5 Years
18 Pleasure is All Mine
19 Thunderbolt

This took time to grow on me, but I don't care for "Virus" or "Hollow", so this definitely should have been made available through some means. -

20 Atom Dance

An 8 minute ballad like no other.

21 Notget
22 Like Someone In Love

This could not have been placed more perfectly on Debut. Just the right spot to divide the dance music of the first half of the album. But I wish it was released, because I think it's better than all of the last three singles released from Debut. And it's such a raw and vulnerable side to Björk. And the fluttering harp gets me every time. -

23 You've Been Flirting Again
24 Where Is the Line?
25 All Neon Like
26 Venus As a Boy
27 Alarm Call
28 Come to Me
29 Heirloom
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