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The Top Ten Best BL Manhwa

1 Out Of Control

Jaerim is trying to get into the Student Council but is ultimately rejected because of his ugly looks. Fueled by the rejection and Yuri's (The Student Council President) odd words of "...keep trying. Ugly Duckling", Jaerim starts working as hard as possible and is able to join the Student Council because of his dedication. Jaerim and Yuri keep bumping heads as they work together in the Council, but their bickering leads to a blossoming friendship, and ultimately something more... - prussian

Why does the guy on the left look like Kisumi from Free! and the guy on the right looks like Lev with black hair from Haikyuu!

This is just amazing. It has a lot of drama in it. Jaerim is awesome and
is a cute little baby. I loved the story so much. The main couple is the best thing happened in the manhwa history. Bullying, trauma, depression, homophobic, attempt to rape, discrimination because of looks, blackmailing

2 Blood Bank

Blood Bank is must read manhwa of all times. This is really amazing manhwa with the most handsome boys and a loot of hoot love scenes.
If you love adult scenes you might consider this one of your top reads

Vampires are the supreme and dominant race on the planet. Humans are basically cattle-their only purpose is to give their blood to Blood Banks where vampires are able to purchase it. Shell is the son of a Blood Bank Lord and takes an interest to one of the human bankers named One. A story that initially starts off as a forbidden attraction between the two, soon leads to one of infighting between the vampires, and of loss and adulterated love. - prussian

The story is great and the characters are amazing! LOVE IT!

heard its really good and its next on my reading list

3 At The End Of The Road

It was different and it made everything fall in place. The story was really well-plotted and there was much drama. This story was mysterious and fulfilling.

Art is nice, Story is amazing, flow is so good. The characters are sexy 8'D

This is definitely top in my manhwa list. Great story with beautiful characters. don't expect adult scenes from this mangwa. But few sweet kissing scenes with a really good plot.

is so sad and has a lot of action I love it

4 A Guy Like You

This story was like a rollercoaster. Like a really messy rollercoaster. This was practically a real-life example of what can happen to people when they are afraid to come out or have already come out. This story had tonnes of drama and it was mesmerising and captivating. It was sweet and cute too.

Emotionally nice story. It goes to my recommendation list. No hot bed scenes but boy this manhwa kept me so hot just with the plot twists.

Go Siwon's dreams have recently been invaded by none other than the clever Kang Jinha. In these dreams, Jinha keeps mentioning an incident that happened between the two, but Siwon doesn't recall what happened. As hints keep popping up, Siwon slowly starts regaining memory of the event, but refuses to acknowledge what happened between he and Jinha. - prussian

love the author who wrote this

5 Royal Servant

Intriguing plot. The story is in a totally imaginative world but can catch your attention nicely. Hot plus sweet scenes. Must read

Kyon becomes a servant to Royal Blood Lucaon. His master's dislike towards servants is off-putting, but doesn't dishearten Kyon from continuing to serve and work for him. As time continues, Kyon starts to unknowingly make his away into Lucaon's personal life. - prussian

6 Killing Stalking

I cried until I got dehydrated after this manhwa. Great art, story, characters.

If only I could just erase my memories and read this again because the story itself is just so good, the best.

The plot is just,wow, I never got bored while reading it, it's my favorite!.

This was the first manhwa I fully got into
Since the very start it was interesting and it was never boring ever!
Honestly the story is so original and brilliant it’s a must read!

7 Moritat

Confusing for the first time but worth reading as all the truth comes at the end and makes everyone shocked.

Jesse wakes up in the hospital with most of his memories wiped away. In front of him stands a man named Law Chester that claims he is his lover. However, the only broken memory Jesse has of the man is of Law trying to kill him. He is suspicious of Law and his motives, but later comes to know that he himself, not Law, was the one to request his memories to be wiped away. - prussian

I cried so many times... So worth it

8 The Baker on the First Floor

Looks sweet story but its just the outside that is visible for your eyes. Worth reading as it has so much to offer that was totally unexpected

Sun Hwa is a BL comic artist that works from his apartment. One day, he gets caught working on his comic by a handsome blond man just as he was about to step out of his home. Later, he finds out that this man is the new baker that lives below his own apartment. The two soon start a relationship, but there's more to the baker than his gorgeous looks. - prussian

Beautiful art and interesting story

the art style is really good

9 BJ Alex

The art is good and Alex was a really sweet boyfriend in the end. Worth reading!

The best of the best. This is one true story that can happen in anyones life. Hot, sweet, emotional, beautiful, intriguing. This manhwa includes all what you need in any story. Ohhh boy the main character is sooo hot. I can just look at him forever and never get tired of his looks

I love it. The plot and the art style is just amazing.

Best manhwa ever

10 Make Me Bark

I love it! It was one of the frist yaio I read. And it did not disappoint me, actually it made me what to keep reading more. I would recommend it.

Sungjoon is barely managing to get by with his job at a convenience store, but when the apartment complex he lives in catches fire, he has nowhere to go. That is until he finds out that Lee Hyoin, a rich guy from his University is looking for a roommate. The thing is, it comes with a condition... - prussian

The characters are adorable, I just love it!

One word: DEYUMMM~

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11 H&H Roman Company

Angels and Demons alike are losing their purpose as humankind develops. As a solution, God creates the Heaven and Hell Roman Company, an organized workplace to keep both Angels and Demons employed. Here, childhood friends Rum and Ginger work and pine after one another. - prussian

I love the whole concept of using angels and devils

12 Love is an Illusion

It is a truly beautiful manhwa and leaves you feeling a satisfactory tingle

That was an amazing yaio. Most definitely my favorite. I love how there relationship started, and how they ended I wish I knew what happens next. to bad it ended tho.

It is very good. It shows us what is true love. It also shows if one is fallen in love, he no longer have pride.

It's the best of all

13 Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Sweet story with really good storyline. Enjoy some sweetness and warmth from this manhwa

haebom is so cute its really nice seeing him grow stronger with taesung

One of my favorites! great art style and a fluffy plot that would make you squeal every damn time. taesong and haebeom are just so cute here? ><

Beautiful art and sweet storyline

14 Sweet Home
15 Our Omega Leadernim!

The art is really good and all the characters are really lovable, not to mention hot as hell

Where I can read this


good stuff

16 Here U Are

It is fun to read and the characters are all interesting. This story doesn't bore you.

AMAAAzing story and everything

The art is so good~ *0*

This should honestly be way higher on this list. its kind of a slow burn, and more like shounen ai than yaoi, but its absolutely amazing! it actually addresses the struggles of being gay, and its just so great 🥺🥺 one of my all time favorite BLs

17 Love or Hate

So far I'm loving it and enjoying all their crazy actions and jealousy

You won't regret reading this,just saying

This... I don't even have words for it. it's sO GOOD JFC. I binge read up to the latest update (at the time of writing this, 57 chapters) all in one day, and got whiplash 😭😭 I had to re binge read it the next day to process my emotions. the art was so good too! the plot is great, this story doesn't need to rely on erotic scenes to advance the story 🥺

18 Sign

I first saw this as a book cover in wattpad and I immediately searched for it because it looked so interesting.

I loved this one so much!

19 Blood Link

You guys should read it! Totally recommend

One of the best manhwas I have ever read

I really lived season one with the werewolf guy and yinbin! It’s worth reading and the art(lemons) is amazing 😉

20 Painter of the Night

So far I'm loving it believing it will have a happy ending. Beautiful art

Nakyum and Master Yoon hit me right in my feels it's a great manhwa istg

Wow this story is going somewhere far. Love it.

Really really good and nice plot

21 King's Maker

Totally recommended. This manhwa is so different from what I usually used to read

It's not just a BL manhwa, it's a life lesson...

22 Wolf in the House

Beautiful characters especially the side story characters are the ones I loved. This manhwa Offers both fun as well as serious reading time

It’s funny and has a really clear, reasonable and wholesome plot.The art is nice too, worth reading!

The story is so funny and I really like the art. UWU

23 Window to Window

Looking at the characters no one would guess this manhwa would be hottest one. Sweet love story with hot scenes for your enjoyment

the plot is really good ! 10/10

24 A Shoulder to Cry On

Very good art and very good plot! The narration is kind of cinematic too.

25 Castle Swimmer

For many bl manhwa I read I think this the best bl webtoon I read

I recommend this for you to read

You can see it on webtoon, if you don't have the app you can browse it

26 Heesu in Class 2

The story and the characters are so cute and I couldn't sop reading! >0<

Really really cute characters and story >~<

27 Cover Up

Really nice seme who is hot and not possessive and pretty caring 😊🥴

28 19 Days

Both couples are cute in different ways and the art and plot are great!

29 Shame Application

Still hasn’t updated but really interesting

30 Lover Boy

Lover Boy MUST be in this list. I've read most of the stories posted here, but let me tell you Lover Boy is way better. I love how the relationship is developed and how is portrays that everyone has a past.

I do not understand why this manhwa is not so popular as BJ Alex or Out of Love stories. It's so great in terms of plot twists, true love, sweetness, hard life as well as nudity. This one is my top manhwa list

31 Dark Heaven

The only reaction I was left after reading this masterpiece was OMG. You cry and laugh, get happy and sad at the same time. This great manhwa definitely make you feel intrigued throughout the whole story.

32 Totally Captivated

One of my all time favorite bl.

33 K'S Secret
34 Love Shuttle

My recommendations. This is so good. U will not regret it

35 Room to Room

if you liked window to window you will definitely like this one

36 December Rain

Great story. Once I started I couldn't stay relaxed. So many plot twists and barriers for the protagonists to bear. I would definitely recommend anyone to go through this masterpiece and enjoy as much as I did.

37 Namsoo Bathhouse

The guy that showed up the last is my favorite

38 That Awkward Magic
39 The Good Teacher

Great plot. Worth to read

40 My Pet Bat

Good art

41 To Take an Enemy’s Heart

For someone who loves something captivating: beautiful art with beautiful mc’s, deep meaningful story with many intriguing moments when you totally have no idea how is it gonna end and heartwarming as well as intense love, then this manhwa is must read. It is masterpiece. One of those few stories which are rare to keep you alive

42 Sign Language


43 Blunder Turned Wonder

It's super funny and a great read I RECOMMEND

44 Man on the Screen
45 Lifeless Man
46 Alice in Adultland
47 Work, Fight and Love

I started it and dropped from the first chapter several times. But after some time decided to start again and give it a chance at least few more chapters. Oh boy I only regretted dropping it before. It has great story with interesting plot twist. You totally will not be able to know how it ends for sure. Give it a try you wont regret

48 Don't Forget These Feelings
49 I'm Yours, Blood and Soul
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