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1 Out Of Control

For me, the main charm of this manhwa is its unique storyline (for a shounen ai at least); the characters have more depth, more personality, and more background than other stories I have read. The story's also a lot deeper than what I had intially expected. Best one so far!

Jaerim is trying to get into the Student Council but is ultimately rejected because of his ugly looks. Fueled by the rejection and Yuri's (The Student Council President) odd words of "...keep trying. Ugly Duckling", Jaerim starts working as hard as possible and is able to join the Student Council because of his dedication. Jaerim and Yuri keep bumping heads as they work together in the Council, but their bickering leads to a blossoming friendship, and ultimately something more...

Why does the guy on the left look like Kisumi from Free! and the guy on the right looks like Lev with black hair from Haikyuu!

I'm in love with this

2 Blood Bank

Vampires are the supreme and dominant race on the planet. Humans are basically cattle-their only purpose is to give their blood to Blood Banks where vampires are able to purchase it. Shell is the son of a Blood Bank Lord and takes an interest to one of the human bankers named One. A story that initially starts off as a forbidden attraction between the two, soon leads to one of infighting between the vampires, and of loss and adulterated love.

Blood Bank is must read manhwa of all times. This is really amazing manhwa with the most handsome boys and a loot of hoot love scenes.
If you love adult scenes you might consider this one of your top reads

It was such a good story line, but I didn't not like the ending one bit. It made me cry and had me very angry

The story is great and the characters are amazing! LOVE IT!

3 At The End Of The Road

My first Manhwa and I LOVE IT. Read like really it is a must read.

If you also new to this I would recommend you to read then "Here you are" then "Out of control" and then "Sign". The rest I think yyou can figure out.

It´s a good start read for those who are new thos this genre, want some action smaction and still a very good story line (like really good).

This is definitely the best manghwa I've ever read. The story was well-written and the art style is a masterpiece. You will never regret reading it.

It was different and it made everything fall in place. The story was really well-plotted and there was much drama. This story was mysterious and fulfilling.

After a car accident, Taemin wakes up in the body of a bullied boy named Siwon. As he continues his life, now living as Siwon, Taemin encounters Woojin, an old friend from the past that discovers his true identity. Taemin resents Woojin for abandoning him during their childhood and wants nothing to do with him, but as his life starts to complicate itself with the problems that the bullied boy Siwom faced, he reluctantly accepts Woojin's help and brings him back into his life.

4 Royal Servant

Intriguing plot. The story is in a totally imaginative world but can catch your attention nicely. Hot plus sweet scenes. Must read

Kyon becomes a servant to Royal Blood Lucaon. His master's dislike towards servants is off-putting, but doesn't dishearten Kyon from continuing to serve and work for him. As time continues, Kyon starts to unknowingly make his away into Lucaon's personal life.

This was a really good story I love this author and his other work is "Angel Buddy". Check it out.

The only thing I hate about it is that there isn't more of it honestly...

5 A Guy Like You

This story was like a rollercoaster. Like a really messy rollercoaster. This was practically a real-life example of what can happen to people when they are afraid to come out or have already come out. This story had tonnes of drama and it was mesmerising and captivating. It was sweet and cute too.

Really loved this manhwa and made me feel a rollercoaster of emotions the character s especially was captivating and the fantasy of their dreams coming into reality was truly romantic . Has A LOT OF DRAMA

I really recomend this BL Manhwa because not only are they cute but it also has a good plot plus its finished so you don't have to wait for a new chapter!

Emotionally nice story. It goes to my recommendation list. No hot bed scenes but boy this manhwa kept me so hot just with the plot twists.

6 Killing Stalking

I cried so much such a good story. I go through anxiety so I couldn't finish it right away had to wait till I felt better but such a good read. The anime is coming out and I am ready to cry can't wait

Wow just wow. The ending is so sa di never thought I would end up feeling like this. If you are good with abuse and gore I reallyyyyu recommend. I will never forget this amazing bl

I LOVE THIS MANHWA it was on of my first ones but wow sad/scary/romance ughhhh all the things I love it made me cry a couple of times but it worth crying for I feel in love with this manhwas 10/10 :)

this one is the first manhwa I ever read and its still a very good classic but now every time I hear killing me softly with his song all I can think is its dinner time sangwoo

7 Moritat

Jesse wakes up in the hospital with most of his memories wiped away. In front of him stands a man named Law Chester that claims he is his lover. However, the only broken memory Jesse has of the man is of Law trying to kill him. He is suspicious of Law and his motives, but later comes to know that he himself, not Law, was the one to request his memories to be wiped away.

Confusing for the first time but worth reading as all the truth comes at the end and makes everyone shocked.

I cried so many times... So worth it

I still don't understand what happend to him

8 BJ Alex

Still one of my all time favorites! The characters are beautifully drawn and the plot is wowww and I can not forget the explicit scenes. Love it so much!

Mhh... in the beginning I was like "Meh" and then in the end I was like "AHHHH NO I NEED MORE".

It starts out slow but you should really keep reading it. It going to get good I promise ;)

The best of the best. This is one true story that can happen in anyones life. Hot, sweet, emotional, beautiful, intriguing. This manhwa includes all what you need in any story. Ohhh boy the main character is sooo hot. I can just look at him forever and never get tired of his looks

great and well balanced story, the hot scenes do not take away from the story. Definitely in my top five with Here you are, Love or Hate and a few others.

9 The Baker on the First Floor

Looks sweet story but its just the outside that is visible for your eyes. Worth reading as it has so much to offer that was totally unexpected

Sun Hwa is a BL comic artist that works from his apartment. One day, he gets caught working on his comic by a handsome blond man just as he was about to step out of his home. Later, he finds out that this man is the new baker that lives below his own apartment. The two soon start a relationship, but there's more to the baker than his gorgeous looks.

This was really good but it didn't have a lot of chapter's.

Beautiful art and interesting story

10 Cherry Blossoms After Winter

This is really good, especially if you're looking for something light, innocent, and adorable with really cute characters this is definitely the right read. It has the perfect balance of drama, comedy, romance, slice of life, and sweetness.
The characters are surprisingly realistically deep but fairly easy to understand, and just the whole plot doesn't require much thinking as a reader but is well-written nonetheless. It's also pleasant to see the growth of not only the two main characters but also the side characters.
This will definitely be worth the read but if you're looking for a lot of action and whatnot probably not for you but give it a try! :)

It is a super lovely and passionate couple, this is one of the best mangas I have ever seen, the cuteness in it is way out of this world. You can see two best friends fall in love and move forward as their relationship begins to blossom. This is amazing, it is a must-read.

One of my favorites! great art style and a fluffy plot that would make you squeal every damn time. taesong and haebeom are just so cute here? ><

Sweet story with really good storyline. Enjoy some sweetness and warmth from this manhwa

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11 Make Me Bark

I love it! It was one of the frist yaio I read. And it did not disappoint me, actually it made me what to keep reading more. I would recommend it.

Sungjoon is barely managing to get by with his job at a convenience store, but when the apartment complex he lives in catches fire, he has nowhere to go. That is until he finds out that Lee Hyoin, a rich guy from his University is looking for a roommate. The thing is, it comes with a condition...

I finished this one and my heart exploded because I was so happy

The characters are adorable, I just love it!

12 H&H Roman Company

Okay, honestly speaking. This wasn't the best for me. I don't understand the hype about it. The art is very beautiful, indeed. But, what I was looking for was the plot. And, the plot of this story is very very, confusing. Additionally, after the second season, the Main couple isn't the main focus anymore which disappointed a couple of readers. It's very light and comedic but like I said, it's not the best.

The lesson I learn in this story is:
Don’t be afraid to confess your feelings to a friend, and be sure to accept whatever the outcome is.

Angels and Demons alike are losing their purpose as humankind develops. As a solution, God creates the Heaven and Hell Roman Company, an organized workplace to keep both Angels and Demons employed. Here, childhood friends Rum and Ginger work and pine after one another.

I love the whole concept of using angels and devils

13 Here U Are

Beautiful story, really soft and watching the characters grow with each other and learn from each other is so heartwarming. The author is very funny as well.

The best ever. good character development, great story, simple and heartwarming. The most wholesome manhua I have ever read. Also number one on my list of favourites. also check out 19 days, Heesoo in Class 2, Love or Hate and December Rain.

Still reading it I love that All the couples are showed and they are all written greatly of all sexualities.

I just love how Confident the main character is.
He's the best among all the Gays in BL world.

14 Love is an Illusion

That was an amazing yaio. Most definitely my favorite. I love how there relationship started, and how they ended I wish I knew what happens next. to bad it ended tho.

It is very good. It shows us what is true love. It also shows if one is fallen in love, he no longer have pride.

It is a truly beautiful manhwa and leaves you feeling a satisfactory tingle

Awesome one of my favorites!

15 Painter of the Night

Over all a really good Manhwa. I love the art style it is probalby the best part of the manhwa.

The s#x scenes are really good and the story is interesting. The second season is coming up and I'm hyped to read the next chapters! I would definitely recommend to all girls and boys who like good art, an interesting story line with not so unrealistic s#x scenes and a new athmosphare (not the typical BL mangas/manhwas where they play in a work or school enviroment)

I'm still not finished with this one but I really like the story. I just wish, the two will be happy in the end. I want a happy ending with this oneeeee TT_TT

Talented ,Brilliant ,Incredible, amazing ,show stopping ,spectacular ,never the same, totally unique, never been done before! It’s great

So far I'm loving it believing it will have a happy ending. Beautiful art

16 Sign

Although I dislike the fact that one of. The character is deaf, they make a sweet couple and there is a lot of scenes where the way they show their affection is unbearably cute

my favorite of all time :'0 the sex scenes were really good but the plot and characters were the best parts somehow! it was really sweet and had such a nice style!

I first saw this as a book cover in wattpad and I immediately searched for it because it looked so interesting.

I loved this one so much!

17 Love or Hate

So far I'm loving it and enjoying all their crazy actions and jealousy

You won't regret reading this,just saying

this manhwa is really really well written. it is still ongoing but it is so captivating. you never know who to hate or who not to hate.

This... I don't even have words for it. it's sO GOOD JFC. I binge read up to the latest update (at the time of writing this, 57 chapters) all in one day, and got whiplash 😭😭 I had to re binge read it the next day to process my emotions. the art was so good too! the plot is great, this story doesn't need to rely on erotic scenes to advance the story 🥺

18 Blood Link

It's totally uncommon to see a series running this long.. I mean, it doesn't end with just one couple.. it continues to their son's love story too!

Such a good vampire story! A billion times better than twilight!

You guys should read it! Totally recommend

One of the best manhwas I have ever read

19 19 Days

Both couples are cute in different ways and the art and plot are great!

It's so funny and it reminds me of when I was in school

It is so funny and the plot is really good

This is the best

20 Sweet Home

Amazing thriller, the characters are very authentic, a great story by Carnby Kim and I cannot get enough of it. The storyline is so intriguing I can promise you that you will not get bored of this manhwa!

21 Our Omega Leadernim!

The art is really good and all the characters are really lovable, not to mention hot as hell

Really good plot and character design

Where I can read this

who else knows the ref? #army

22 Love Shuttle

A very hilarious manhwa where the main characters hate each other at first but realise they have feelings for each other. They gonna have a baby soon (I think), and I can't wait

I can't stop rereading this.

READ READ READDDD the art is beautiful along with the plot! It’s still not finished but I can tell it will be my favorite one!

love this one its great

23 King's Maker

All this yaoi manhwas is so good I can't even explain it 😊 if someone ask me for recommendations I tell them all the yaois manhwa I with always reread

Totally recommended. This manhwa is so different from what I usually used to read

It's not just a BL manhwa, it's a life lesson...

24 Window to Window

Looking at the characters no one would guess this manhwa would be hottest one. Sweet love story with hot scenes for your enjoyment

the plot is really good ! 10/10

I’d say the character is a sex addict? It’s sweet to see their love develope. Overall, its not bad 8/10 I guess

25 Castle Swimmer

A really pure heartwarming comic, I really recommend it.

For many bl manhwa I read I think this the best bl webtoon I read

I recommend this for you to read

You can see it on webtoon, if you don't have the app you can browse it

OMG! Can’t even say anything! The most pure manhwa! Even if your not into fish things this is great

definitely a must read. interesting and the art is beautiful.

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