Best Black Bananas Songs

Unknown Location Started In 2011 Main Genres: Alternative/Indie

The Top Ten

1 Rad Times

Not an awesome song, but still one of the top bests from Saints Row 4

a song included in Saints Row IV (2013) _Soundtrack in the 89 GenX radio station.
Also this song got a very similar Tyler Breeze's theme (wwe) - BLODAYBEYONTWO

one of the most rarest but so radioactive songs I ever heard.

2 Foxy Playground
3 TV Trouble
4 Creepin' the Line

Rare but good, go check it! - BLODAYBEYONTWO

5 Eve's Child
6 Hot Stupid

Best Song Ever

7 Physical Emotions
8 Overpass

a very funny song - BLODAYBEYONTWO

9 It's Cool
10 Dope on an Island
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