Best Black Metal Subgenres


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1 Old School Black Metal

This is about the early bands of the 90ss, mostly from Norway and some from Sweden

-Dark Funeral - ryanrimmel

2 Atmospheric Black Metal

-Ancient Wisdom
-Wolves in the Throne Room - ryanrimmel

3 Symphonic Black Metal

-Old Man's Child
-Dimmu Borgir
-Cradle of Filth - ryanrimmel

4 First Wave of Black Metal

The bands in the 80s that heavily influenced Black Metal as we know it. Some of these bands sound nothing like Norwegian Black Metal, but each band influenced the genre, whether it be lyrics, vocals, production, or image.

-Mercyful Fate
-Celtic Frost
-Sabbat - ryanrimmel

5 Melodic Black Metal
6 Ambient Black Metal
7 Red & Anarchist Black Metal

These subgenres are getting ridiculous

-Ives - ryanrimmel

8 Progressive Black Metal
9 Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal

Yes, this exists.

-Make a Change... Kill Yourself
-Shining - ryanrimmel

Woods of Desolation is the best DSBM. Check him out - danimey

10 Unblack Metal

You can hate me for adding this on here, I'm not even a fan. But this is better than Socialist and Depressive BM

-Crimson Moonlight
-Horde - ryanrimmel

The Contenders

11 National Socialist Black Metal

I can't believe this is a thing

-Fullmoon - ryanrimmel

They just talk about Polotics Mythology and Paganism. There are some insane band like Peste Noire, Nokturnal Mortum and Inferum.

12 Alternative Black Metal
13 Cosmic Black Metal
14 Blackgaze

A mixture of show-gaze and black metal (its more of a subgenre that steams from atmospheric black metal).

Bands like Agalloch and Alcest.

Many of the popular bands are French.

15 Technical Black Metal
16 Bestial Black Metal
17 Blackened Crustgrind
18 Black/Doom
19 Blackened Grind
20 Post-Black Metal
21 Industrial Black Metal
22 Blackened Crust Punk
23 Black Crust
24 Black Punk
25 Black/Death
26 Blackened Death Metal
27 Raw Black Metal

Bands such as:
- Satanic Warmaster
- Horna
- Sargeist
- Judas Iscariot

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1. Atmospheric Black Metal
2. Progressive Black Metal
3. Old School Black Metal
1. Old School Black Metal
2. First Wave of Black Metal
3. Symphonic Black Metal


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