Best Black Ops 2 Zombies Guns Excluding Wonder Weapons

We Are Counting Down My Top Ten Favorite Guns From Call Of Duty Zombies!
This Will Not Cover Wonder Weapons. That Is For Another List.

The Top Ten

1 Galil

Could it be anything else. I hope this gun is in Black ops 3

This was on Black Ops 1 though... - tacomilk

Best end of story

Best gun

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2 DSR-50

Do I Need To Say It? Overall Great Powered Gun. Not Much Else To Say. - PokebroMC

3 Python

The 357.magnum, Python and the executioner all revolvers are beast but the Python has the coolest name and also PaP the Cobra

My Baby, The Python! An OH-KO Till Round 9. I Die About That Time Anyway. :)
When Pack A Punched, It Gets A Major Damage Increase, More Ammo In The Mag, And A Fast Mag Attachment.
The Only Thing That Brings Me, And It, Down Is The PaP'ed Name. The Cobra. I Would Prefer The Monty Python, Just Saying. - PokebroMC

4 Colt M1911

Take The Worst Gun In Call of Duty.
Add Grenades.
Add Cool Camos And Sounds.

BAM! That's What I Like. This Is The Underdog Of Call of Duty Zombies.
Even If It Carries Less Ammo, I Think It Is Number 1! - PokebroMC

5 Death Machine

It SUCKED Being Obtainable Only Through Power-Up In BO. Only Available In Mob Of The Dead, This Is The Enemy To All Living Maggotsacks! It Has A Rate Of Fire At 1666 RPM. Launching It's Entire Magazine, Or Barrel In This Case, In Meer Seconds. When PaP'ed, It Gets A Major Ammo Increase. - PokebroMC

6 M1927

Dude have you realised the M1927 is the Thompson just w/ grip and round drum and the Tommy guns are the ASM1 from AW and its best to elite variant is the speakeasy. Hmm, how familiar the M1927 PaP is also called the speakeasy

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7 PPSh-41

I mean, how could you leave this baby out of the party?!?

Black ops 2 only

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8 Remington-870 MCS

Pop! Pop! Pop In The Head! I Love It! My All Time favorite. Shot Gun! - PokebroMC

9 MG08/15

Introduced In Orgins, The Overall Best Machine Gun In Call of Duty Zombies! - PokebroMC

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10 AN-94

How the hell is this not here until I added it? - sryanbruen

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The Contenders

11 Rpd

I once got trapped in a corner by a horde, and using my pack a punched Rpd I just sprayed and didn't get hit once. Very overpowered but awesome to use.

12 PDW-57

I "Predict" A "Death Wish! " - PokebroMC

13 Trench Shotgun

Trench Shotgun

Its Available Only In Call of Duty World At War Only! But Its AMMAZINGNGN

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14 FN Fal

Headshot machine Come on people r u stupid it's packapunched name is the epc wn

15 Kap-40
16 CAR-91

I LOVE this gun. it is so far the best gun in all of zombies

17 Mauser C96

It's just like the Colt's. Add a cool blue camo. Add a silencer/suppressor w/ a acog scope and it's a one shot kill till like round 15

18 SMR

This good makes me smile

19 War Machine

Overall good gun

21 Ray Gun

Why is this not on the list

22 Ray Gun Mark 2
23 Baby Gun
24 SPAS-12
25 Thundergun
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