Top Ten Black Ops Guns for Online Play


The Top Ten

1 Ak-47

Has the best combination of stats, basically the most complete gun on black ops. Also great with a grenade launcher. - Cbs5612

2 Commando

Reall good gun. Almost better than the AK-47. Really good for pissing people off. - Cbs5612

3 Famas

I don't like it to much but it is a low level gun that a lot of people like and wills till use once they get up to a much higher level. - Cbs5612


First gun on this list that isn't an assault rifle. It isn't higher because it is really only great with rapid fire on. It gets a little better with warlord on and the second attachment as either a grip or silencer. Probably my favorite gun besides the AK-47. - Cbs5612

This gun and the ak-47 is ligit. with rapid fire its awesome.
And the mpl is only unloked at level 35.

5 Galil

Another assault rifle. This gun takes the cake in the category of the gun that I hate facing. It makes me so mad but for some reason I can't use this gun agianst other people. - Cbs5612

6 Spas

This is probably the best shotgun because its semi-auto and it aims the best and has decent range. Also it is powerful. - Cbs5612

7 Spectre

A worse version of the MPL. It takes to long to unlock unlike the MPL which is basically the same gun. - Cbs5612

8 L96AW

I think it is the best sniper rifle. I think it is expecially amazing with the variable scope attached. - Cbs5612

9 PSG1

Second best sniper rifle. Very close to the L96AW. I think it is only worse because it is a little less powerful but it is semi-auto unlike the L96AW which is bolt action. Also great with variable scope. - Cbs5612

10 G11

Only ten because it takes to long to unlock and it is tri-burst. If unlocked earlier and full auto it would be close to number one. - Cbs5612

The Contenders

11 AUG
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