Top Ten Black Ops Zombies Weapons

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21 Gersch Device
22 Winter Howl

I don't think this should be in this list ( Sorry to all Winter howl fans). My reason is it is just a freeze gun that cannot even kill the zombies and will just slow them down

This gun would go in 3place why because this gun is the best gun in the map five

My favorite weapon! I love this gun so much! Shame it's only in Five

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23 Claymore
24 Vitriolic Withering

Can save your live and hard to die
Better than thunder gun and the ray gun
(Not the wave gun though! )

25 Paralyzer
26 M14 V 1 Comment
27 AN94

Good gun off the wall, should probably be higher up with the commando as it's a wall weapon with, when pack-a-punched, the same capabilities as nearly and LMG

28 Bowie Knife
29 MP5k

I don't know what you guys think, but it should at least be number 5. It is a great gun for surviving in zombies. You can buy ammo if your running low. Its an amazing gun in general

30 MG42
31 Blundergat
32 Olympia
33 Thompson
34 Kar98k

Best gun in my opinion, takes load of zombies down at round 50, no problemo. Honestly should be #1. Almost as good as the SMR.

35 M1216
36 PPS 42
37 Scavenger

A sniper that fires explosive rounds and kills all zombies in a 15ft radius even on high rounds and its not on the list?!?!

38 Awful Lawton
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