Best Black Sabbath and Metallica Songs


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1 One - Metallica

Tells the best story in a song ever. Very depressing, but very true. - Alpha101

2 Iron Man - Black Sabbath

Easily the best metal song of all time. The riff is amazing, and it is very catchy. - Alpha101

3 Master of Puppets - Metallica

Metallica's best fast paced song. When you listen to this song, it fills you with energy. - Alpha101

4 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

The darkest song in history. Classic Sabbath... - Alpha101

5 War Pigs - Black Sabbath

The best anti-war song in history. I'm humming it to myself right now. - Alpha101

6 N.I.B. - Black Sabbath

Tells a unique and creepy story, and has an amazing riff. - Alpha101

7 The Four Horsemen - Metallica

True masterpiece.and the solo is wrote by Dave Mustaine. - say10

8 Fade to Black - Metallica

This song, while very depressing, is also very true. Metallica at its best. - Alpha101

9 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
10 Digital Bitch - Black Sabbath

The Newcomers

? Fuel - Metallica
? Feels Good to Me - Black Sabbath

The Contenders

11 Disposable Heroes - Metallica

I was shocked when I heard this song. It really made me, and many others think. Very true, and very unique. - Alpha101

12 Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Sabbath's most recognizable song, behind Iron Man and War Pigs. It only took 20 minutes to write, but it is still a masterpiece. - Alpha101

13 Turn Up the Night - Black Sabbath
14 Neon Knights - Black Sabbath
15 I Disappear - Metallica
16 Through the Never - Metallica
17 Of Wolf and Man - Metallica
18 The God That Failed - Metallica

The story behind this song is very tragic and sad, but this song rocks! - Alpha101

19 Dirty Women - Black Sabbath
20 Computer God - Black Sabbath
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1. Iron Man - Black Sabbath
2. One - Metallica
3. Master of Puppets - Metallica
1. The Four Horsemen - Metallica
2. Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
3. One - Metallica



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