Top Ten Black Sabbath Songs by Tony Martin

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Headless Cross

Everything about this song is outstanding! The guitar riffs are perfect, Tony's vocals are clear and atmospheric, the organ is so subtle and foreboding, and the whole tone is gleefully dark. This is not only my favorite Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath song, but it might be my favorite Sabbath song of all time.

Yes, I agree with this. - Metal_Treasure

When Death Calls
Cross of Thorns

I love this song I like because Tonys singing in this song is very good he almost sounds like Dio and I could see Dio singing this song - christangrant

Anno Mundi
Devil and Daughter
Black Moon
The Sabbath Stones
Cardinal Sin

The Contenders

Kill in the Spirit World
Eternal Idol
Rusty Angels
Lost Forever Lost Forever Cover Art
Heaven in Black
Ancient Warrior Ancient Warrior Cover Art
The Shining
Call of the Wild
Guilty as Hell
The Law Maker
Loser Gets It All
Can't Get Close Enough

No this track sucks one of the worst songs they ever made - christangrant

Some Kind of Woman
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