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41 Master of Insanity

Best dio song in my opinion - SoldierOfFortune

42 Is God Dead?

Absolutly best!
After 1995 Sabbath released a album.
And this is quality album from a never ending band Sabbath.
Best song from album 13.

43 Never Say Die

This is an amazing song it makes you so happy

This is so catchy! I love those guitars!

Does anybody no what song was on the radio on coronation street was it a Black Sabbath?

You kidding me? This song is top 20 at the minimum.

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44 Zero the Hero

Paranoid is one of the most important songs by Black Sabbath. A single song is more influential than most bands. - HardRockSam

Top five at least, not much Black Sabbath experts here, just idiots praising the worst song ever written by sabbath paranoid.

Underrated as hell, The Cannibal Corpse is good too!

Paranoid is far from the worst Sabbath song moron

45 Rat Salad

This song shows who geezer is and what he has contributed to the sabbath, also it includes power drumming by bill.

Bill Ward is the God of Metal drumming

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46 Cornucopia

What the hell? Why is this one last? This was the first song I listened of Black Sabbath! Why is this one 65? 65! At least it deserves to be in the top 10!

One of the best songs from sabbath, people idiots dumbass kids believe paranoid album and song are the best

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47 Zeitgeist

This is a fantastic song, with echoes of Planet Caravan. Ozzy's vocals are excellent, Iommi's guitar playing is beautiful and the rhythm section play low and sweet. What more is needed in a haunting song?

Second favourite from the new album, just behind End of the beggining.

48 Dirty Women

66? They play this song at almost every concert!

50 laugh out loud

I can't believe it isn't top 10, Iommi is god here

I'l never forget crying out DIRTY WOMEN! on the high seas. People on the passing boat lacking context and probably deserved more. When this song kicks in, its fantastic. Needs to be in the top 5. Junior's Eyes and A National Acrobat are also criminally underrated on this list. Cheers.

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49 Damaged Soul V 1 Comment
50 Lady Evil
51 Voodoo

The Live Evil version is one of heavy metal music's great achievements. 'Don't come to me for comfort. I'm alright! I got voodoo.'

The best song with Dio from the album Mob Rules, in my opinion

52 Computer God

Classic iommi riff and great solo

Why is this so low? - christangrant

My personal favorite sabbath somg

53 Over and Over

Riff is beyond amazing. Solo is fantastic. And it's one of Ronnie's all time best vocals. Ozzy stuff is nothing compared to stuff with Dio. If I had to pick an Ozzy song for it, it would be the writ because his vocals are so amazing!

Best song from Mob Rules, should be top 20 at least.

54 Wicked World

This is easily one of Black Sabbath's most underrated songs, and I have no idea why, because it's such a good song.

I'm deeply confused as to why this isn't ranked in the top ten.

55 Back to Eden

Such a great song. Probably one of the best guitar riffs of Sabbath and greats vocals by Dio once again.

56 The Mob Rules

Love dozens of sabbath songs. But this one is a 10. Just wish it was longer. Like so long it never ends

I really love this song. By far my favorite Black Sabbath song.

Currenly #46 what? This song and album are the best of sabbath and the great RJ? D!

57 Born to Lose
58 I

This is the best Ronnie James Dio sabbath song by far! Top 20 by far

59 Loner

It's an amazing song, I can't understand why so few have voted for it

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60 Evil Woman

For those that did not vote this their mother is an evil woman

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