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81 I Won't Cry for You

What the hell? I had to add THIS song! It is definitely one of my favorite Sabbath songs! It's from the album Forbidden. Please give it a listen!

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82 She's Gone
83 When Death Calls

The best power-ballad ever! Underrated song, but... I can't find the word to describe this song... The bass intro, so deep... The power of the song is increasing to the final orgasm...

Incredible guitar performance from Brian May

How come this song isn't on this list, this list is absolutly rediculous especially considering there's bearing anything off of Cross Purposes on the list which just so happens to be their greatest album.

84 Seventh Star Seventh Star

Awesome Song. Glenn Hughes vocals are very powerful. The riff is heartbreaking. Nice use of keyboards at the outro.

85 Junior's Eyes

I can only believe that the reason this song is so low on the list is because it's not one that is ever played on the radio and people have just not experienced the awesomeness yet. Get on board, folks! This song is amazing. Groovy, heavy bass line, winding guitar, driving drum beats, emotional lyrics, and heartfelt vocals. This song is the complete package.

This is the Sabbath song that I come back to more than any other - Ozzy's singing is truly emotional, the bass riff is awesome and there's a cracking guitar solo to boot. Perhaps the only Sabbath song where lead guitar plays second fiddle to the bass, but it really works.

I don' t know why this album didn't sell. All my buddies in 1979 loved it... Especially Junior's Eyes. I thought it was the equivalent of Zep's In thru theOut Door... A band maturing, but still edgy.

86 Turn Up the Night Turn Up the Night
87 Pariah Pariah

Most underrated song on 13. Best song on 13.

88 Embryo Embryo

If Children of the grave would be sex, this ist the part before.

Nice song it should be here

Great song why is it so low

Best short song ever

89 Who Are You

I think it should be in the top 10 songs its definitely the best one in my opinion, all these ratings are just a matter of preference, It makes me wonder if there really is such a thing as good songs verse bad songs, like biting into a pear it may have a different taste too each and everyone alive

90 The Devil Cried The Devil Cried V 1 Comment
91 Selling My Soul
92 Psychophobia
93 The Shining The Shining

This monumental song shows the unbelievable high quality of heavy metal.
Its different structures make you think that this song is played by an orchestra.
No other track ever led your feelings better to some kind of perfection than "The Shining".

Try out and you will see it's true!

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94 Sleeping Village
95 St. Vitus Dance V 1 Comment
96 Age of Reason Age of Reason

The best Iommi's solos (there are two! ). And a great and terrific song. For me, it should be between the top 5, at least!

97 Dear Father Dear Father
98 Supertzar Supertzar

I wont lie. I am pretty heartbroken that this is so low. It is very unique/different from the rest but still an amazing song.

99 FX FX

It's the Sabbath's most different song so it's the best one.

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100 Over To You

This is one of Geezers greatest Bass riffs.

Ozzy's last great vocal performance

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