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101 Electric Sleep
102 Eternal Idol V 1 Comment
103 Walk Away

Great album and my favorite Sabbath song with Dio.

104 Anno Mundi

THIS IS THE MOST EPIC SONG OF ALL TIME! Tyr is their best album hands down... I have no clue why not many people appreciate it, much less know about it at all!

105 Rock and Roll Angel
106 Warning

This song is the greatest. Altough it has to be combined with Warning. They are pretty much the same song. Sleeping Village followed with warning. These combine to make Sabbaths greatest.

107 Johnny Blade

They Johny's a spider, but I also heard that this songs kicks #$$!

108 The Sign of the Southern Cross

107th? For what could be the greatest song in heavy metal history? It starts so serene with Dio's beautiful voice, building up into some of Iommi's heaviest, most badass, riffs. Butler's performance is masterful as well, particularly live, making this song into one HUGE force. And the lyrics: so open ended and abstract, yet creating such a glorious environment of doom. This is a song that gives me goosebumps when I simply read the title. It's that good.

The complete metal epic and unutterably beautiful and terrifying in turns. Dio deserves so much more recognition for his work with sabs than he gets. Open your ears and mind and bow to the majesty of this unheralded classic

Tony Iommi himself said this was the heaviest song Black Sabbath ever recorded...ever! Extremely underrated. Any of the Dio stuff re-wrote the book of heavy music and propelled them into the 80's. From the book the word is spoken...

115th? How is this possible? This song is amazing, definitely in their top 5 in my opinion.

V 8 Comments
109 Let It Die

Awesome new song can't believe it isn't already on the list. Best sabbath chorus and an awesome verse that makes you feel so good.

110 Who Are You

I think it should be in the top 10 songs its definitely the best one in my opinion, all these ratings are just a matter of preference, It makes me wonder if there really is such a thing as good songs verse bad songs, like biting into a pear it may have a different taste too each and everyone alive

111 The Mob Rules

Love dozens of sabbath songs. But this one is a 10. Just wish it was longer. Like so long it never ends

I really love this song. By far my favorite Black Sabbath song.

Currenly #46 what? This song and album are the best of sabbath and the great RJ? D!

112 Falling Off the Edge of the World

Wow, not even a mention? All Sabbath fans must re-assess this song. You wont be able to get though more than half before it pushes into your top 20 at least!

Unbelievable this is so far down list. Are you philistines so blinded by the myth of ozz that you don't recognise that this is one of greatest songs from the greatest heavy rock vocalist ever? Respect the memory of the great rjd, listen to this metal masterpiece then vote for it

It's a joke that there aren't more Dio songs higher up the list. Everything in this song from the screams to the growls, the operatic range shows why Dio is 10X the singer that Ozzy ever was.

113 It's Alright
114 I Won't Cry for You

What the hell? I had to add THIS song! It is definitely one of my favorite Sabbath songs! It's from the album Forbidden. Please give it a listen!

No this is the worst song from them - christangrant

This song has to be in top ten

115 Peace of Mind
116 You Won't Change Me
117 Rusty Angels
118 Cross of Thorns
119 Breakout
120 FX

It's the Sabbath's most different song so it's the best one.

Revolutionized dubstep! (HA) - SoldierOfFortune

FXXX by far best song

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