Best Black Worlds Characters 2014-2015 (Both Chapters)


The Top Ten

1 Archmaflesia Troladossa, the Second Dragon Queen

Archmaflesia, (original name was Jaia) was the Second Dragon Queen and the primary leader of the Arnestrian factions as well as leader of Erisa. What makes her character so great is her variety of personality and action, she was both caring and compassionate as well as a warrior and military genius. Archmaflesia was an archaeologist prior to becoming a queen, using her knowledege of the earth allowed her to find a rare substance in masses and make a fortune from it. She used 80% of the money to enforce military and improvements of the city she lived in at the time, she was also known for eliminating demon camps without a trace. She was also just very intelligent in general, smarter than most people. Archmaflesia was the mentor of the characters Akkrys Windstrider, Neeran Odindorr as well as Jexkarvia, and if it was not for her, these characters would probably not have gotten as far as they did. Archmaflesia uses the water to aid her in combat, to defend herself or to overwhelm her ...more - Freekissh

2 Sinrau, the First Grief Lord General

The first character created in BW. Sinrau is a demonic mastermind that wanted to prove his worth to the the other Grief Lords by attempting to capture a planet by himself. Sinrau failed of course, but scarred the lives of millions of people. With his introduction, it officially started the Grand Demon War, and Sinrau stirred up Seddrumakk and the other Earth Guardians. - Freekissh

3 Lord Akkrys Windstrider
4 Exactus Solrefrain (Chapter 2)
5 Jumps, the Rodent (Chapter 2)
6 Deathbane (Chapter 2)
7 Ves'Kara Odindorr
8 Reu-Kahn the Broken
9 Gron'Jaargon, Fist of the Earth
10 Neeran Odindorr
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