Top Ten Blacklist Members In Need for Speed Most Wanted

The Top Ten

1 Razor
2 Bull

He has a cool car really love it awesome!

3 Ronnie
4 JV
5 Webster

Webster's Corvette C6 is epic asf! every time I play through the game I look forward to reaching him and getting that pinkslip!

6 Ming

Those shades are dope. Plus his Gallardo is just SICK. Fully upgraded except for Nitrous, and even then you can already upgrade that to Ultimate when you beat him to get yourself a fully upgraded Gallardo (except Junkman parts). Also I just love that design it's so simple but its beautiful.

7 Kaze
8 Jewels
9 Earl
10 Baron

The Contenders

11 Big Lou
12 Izzy
13 Vic
14 Taz
15 Sonny
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