Top Ten Best Blackpink Songs and Mashups

I've been listening to BlackPink recently, so why not make a top ten list?

The Top Ten

1 Boombayah

Yes, this is currently the most viewed BlackPink song, but I just like Whistle better. Not that I hate Boombayah, though. In fact I also like this song - MLPFan

This was the song which made me like kpop.

2 Playing with Fire

I've heard my k poper friends played this song at school, that time I had no idea what is blackpink and wasn't so interested in the whole Korean wave. Sure, the Korean wave has started a bit longer here than in western countries (It started around when I was at elementary school or so, when SNSD was still a big hit), but I wasn't really into It except when I was at 4th grade. And the only band I knew that time was SNSD. And then I was bored, so I listened to Boombayah and Whistle (recently today) and then there's this song named 'Playing with fire'. And I clicked It and guess what appeared? IT WAS THE SONG MY FRIENDS PLAYED ONCE! - MLPFan

This is really the only K Pop group I listen to. Why? Its what happens when you put Avril Lavigne and Little Mix in a blender

Lets be honest. this is a bop. the best song they've ever made.


3 Whistle

It has a nice tune in it. This song needs more attention and love. While Boombayah is my first song in BlackPink, but Whistle is the song that actually got me into BlackPink. - MLPFan

4 As If It's Your Last

My favorite song ever!

It's actually good - MLPFan

I love this song so much! It's my favourite

Loved it�"

5 Stay

This is such a beautiful song!

Underrated song - MLPFan

Just take your time to listen to Stay..its just so good! its just underrated...that's sad..

6 Blood, Sweat & Tears x Whistle (Blackpink x BTS)

I know this is just a fanmade mashup (credit to jyeoms for making this amazing mashup) But as an ARMY and a BLINK, I love this mashup so much! - MLPFan

7 Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

Best song ever

8 Loser

I've heard this song once - MLPFan

9 Playing with Fire x Fire (Blackpink x BTS)


Another great fanmade mashup of a Blackpink song with a BTS song! Again, I'm an ARMY and a BLINK, so I would love this!

Link to video: - MLPFan

10 Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

The Contenders

11 Forever Young

I just really love the song!

12 Stay x Spring Day (Blackpink x BTS)

Yup, more BTS x Blackpink mashups. Honestly, I just think their songs complement with each other and I hope there would be more Blackpink x BTS mashup songs. That'd be great! Again, credit to jyeoms for making this mashup. - MLPFan

13 Really

This is my favorite song

A cuuute song

14 See U Later
15 Whistle x Come Back Home (Blackpink x BTS)

Yay! Another BTS x Blackpink mashup! Again, this is by jyeoms 😊 - MLPFan

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