Top Ten Best Blackpink Songs and Mashups

I've been listening to BlackPink recently, so why not make a top ten list?

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1 Playing with Fire

Jennie and Rosé's voice make this song the BEST!

I've heard my k poper friends played this song at school, that time I had no idea what is blackpink and wasn't so interested in the whole Korean wave. Sure, the Korean wave has started a bit longer here than in western countries (It started around when I was at elementary school or so, when SNSD was still a big hit), but I wasn't really into It except when I was at 4th grade. And the only band I knew that time was SNSD. And then I was bored, so I listened to Boombayah and Whistle (recently today) and then there's this song named 'Playing with fire'. And I clicked It and guess what appeared? IT WAS THE SONG MY FRIENDS PLAYED ONCE! - MLPFan

This is really the only K Pop group I listen to. Why? Its what happens when you put Avril Lavigne and Little Mix in a blender

Lets be honest. this is a bop. the best song they've ever made.

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2 Boombayah

I think this is one of their best songs. But in my opinion I like Whistle better.

Yes, this is currently the most viewed BlackPink song, but I just like Whistle better. Not that I hate Boombayah, though. In fact I also like this song - MLPFan

This was the song which made me like kpop.

3 Whistle

It has a nice tune in it. This song needs more attention and love. While Boombayah is my first song in BlackPink, but Whistle is the song that actually got me into BlackPink. - MLPFan

4 As If It's Your Last

This is an fking MASTERPIECE


I love this song so much! It's my favourite

My favorite song ever!

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5 Stay

It's not BOOMbayah. It's BOOmbayah. I hate the indecent lyrics. Stay is great though. And so are all other songs

This is such a beautiful song!

Underrated song - MLPFan

Just take your time to listen to Stay..its just so good! its just underrated...that's sad..

6 Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

Honestly the most catchy K-Pop song EVA!


A cool song to dance on

How is this not the best?

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7 Blood, Sweat & Tears x Whistle (Blackpink x BTS)

I know this is just a fanmade mashup (credit to jyeoms for making this amazing mashup) But as an ARMY and a BLINK, I love this mashup so much! - MLPFan

8 Loser

I've heard this song once - MLPFan

9 Playing with Fire x Fire (Blackpink x BTS)

Another great fanmade mashup of a Blackpink song with a BTS song! Again, I'm an ARMY and a BLINK, so I would love this!

Link to video: - MLPFan

10 Forever Young

Why isn't there an MV of this song?! It's just amazing, Lisa's slaying attitude and rap, Rose's time lapsing tunes, Jisoo's graceful vocals and Jennie's rap make it just perfect!

I just really love the song!

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? Hope Not
? Kick It

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11 Kill This Love
12 Really

This is my favorite song

A cuuute song

13 Solo - Jennie (From Blackpink)

I love this song. Jennie is a the best.

14 See U Later


15 Stay x Spring Day (Blackpink x BTS)

Yup, more BTS x Blackpink mashups. Honestly, I just think their songs complement with each other and I hope there would be more Blackpink x BTS mashup songs. That'd be great! Again, credit to jyeoms for making this mashup. - MLPFan

16 So Hot

This cover isn't as breathy as the original, but it gives off the classic BP vibe. Sass and bad girl vibes, it's also super catchy! The rap parts, specifically, like "We the only gang to run the game in high heels" is amazing and catchy!

17 Kiss and Make Up
18 Clarity (Jisoo)
19 Don't Know What to Do
20 Whistle x Come Back Home (Blackpink x BTS)

Yay! Another BTS x Blackpink mashup! Again, this is by jyeoms 😊 - MLPFan

21 Omona

Omona is also a best song for blackpink

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