Top Ten Blade Runner Characters

I watch this movie on DVD with my blu-ray player and it was very good indeed. Vote on this list and remix. Enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 Rachael
2 Rick Deckard
3 Roy Batty
4 Gaff
5 Eldon Tyrell
6 Leon Kowalski
7 J.F. Sebastian
8 Pris
9 Zhora
10 Howie Lee

The Contenders

11 Constable K

I've seen the new movie it was very well maybe better than blade runner(1982) by it's expanded plot perfect using of soundtracks,flashbacks,and astonishing flashbacks- Kevinsidis

I haven't even watched the new one yet only the original but the new one I shall soon thank you dwelling being- Kevinsidis

12 Holden
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