Top Ten Bladers In the Beyblade Anime With the Best Bey Spirit

The Top Ten Bladers In the Beyblade Anime With the Best Bey Spirit

1 Ryuga

Just because gingka defeated ryuga ONCE (he lost all the other times) doesn't mean he is better, ryuga is the dragon emperor and a lot of people still love him more than any characters while gingka became irrelevant after valt aoi appeared

Ryuga by far has the least losses out of every character that stars in all 3 seasons. Bey spirit is what decides a battle after all (in the show).

He is overcompetitive which makes him strong. He has A DRAGON as the spirit!

Ray kon was an interesting blader. Honestly I don't have any idea who these bladers because I stopped watching after g revolution and v force and probably these two series have the best storyline

2 Gingka

My little brother loves him

3 Kai

In seoson 4
kai defeated Tyson

4 Tyson

It should be best beyblade

5 Kyoya

He is the most powerful beyblade in the universe

Rock Leone is stunningly amazing. The strongest defense type.

Kyoya rocks

6 Kenta

He is awesome and he perserveres

7 Valt Aoi

The way he fights alongside Valtryek is astounding. Therefore he is

He is a god I mean he Beat (daeth siscor king Kerberos wyvron)not to mention that he almost beat spryzen he made the supream four leader say he was good enough to be a meamber he's a boss without meaning and to me one if not the best blader

8 Masamune

His thrive for number one can't be stopped

9 Shu Kurenai

He is best of all

10 Tsubasa

The Newcomers

? Valt Aoi

The Contenders

11 Benkei
12 Lui Shirasagi

Boi this guy has the sickest beyblade and the avatar don't get me started on that he should be number one lui rocks

13 Yu
14 Eight Unabara

In the second or fourth episode of shogun steel he fought a huge dude I can't remember his name, but his bey got cracked in ONE HIT

15 Wakiya Murasaki
16 Zyro Kurogane
17 Damian Hart
18 Masamune Kadoya
19 Yu Tendo
20 Kenta Yumiya
21 Xander Shakadera
22 Ken Midori
23 Free de la Hoya
24 Aiga Akaba

He has so much fun blading and he loves Achilles!

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