Top Ten Bladers In the Beyblade Anime With the Best Bey Spirit

The Top Ten

1 Ryuga

Ryuga by far has the least losses out of every character that stars in all 3 seasons. Bey spirit is what decides a battle after all (in the show).

He is overcompetitive which makes him strong. He has A DRAGON as the spirit!

Ray kon was an interesting blader. Honestly I don't have any idea who these bladers because I stopped watching after g revolution and v force and probably these two series have the best storyline

2 Gingka
3 Kyoya

Rock Leone is stunningly amazing. The strongest defense type.

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4 Tyson
5 Kai
6 Kenta
7 Masamune
8 Tsubasa
9 Benkei
10 Valt Aoi

The way he fights alongside Valtryek is astounding. Therefore he is

He is a god I mean he Beat (daeth siscor king Kerberos wyvron)not to mention that he almost beat spryzen he made the supream four leader say he was good enough to be a meamber he's a boss without meaning and to me one if not the best blader

The Contenders

11 Yu
12 Eight Unabara

In the second or fourth episode of shogun steel he fought a huge dude I can't remember his name, but his bey got cracked in ONE HIT

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