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This is the top 10 songs' list of the great country artist Blake Shelton.

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1 Boys 'Round Here

This song is undoubtedly number one. The song which will make you fall in love with. You would surely hit the ' replay ' button. - Rclam8

This is a fun song and the lyrics are amazing too. Talks about the country boys and their nature. It's a great listen.

Boys round Here is My Favorite Song

This was my lulaby as a baby

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2 Honey Bee

This is just the cutest love song ever and the music video is just wonderful. Cute and charming just like Blake. The perfect song to listen in the morning to make your day brighter.

Oh! What a song! Couples can sing this to each other all the time! It received 138,000 downloads in its first week! - Rclam8

I love this song my boyfriend said that it reminded him of me

It's great

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3 Austin

Blake's first single! He started his tremendous career with this song. It have him his identity in music industry. - Rclam8

Song has it ALL - story, vocals, and music

a classic.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How is this not number 1? This is THE song ^_^ Enough said. It gets me every time

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4 God Gave Me You

A beautiful song filled with true and genuine emotions. Something to sing to your loved ones to show them how much they mean to you.
"God gave me you for the ups and downs,
God gave me you for the days of doubt,
God gave me you.."

5 My Eyes

Best possible song to describe your girlfriend on date night!

A sweet romantic song, sung beautifully by Blake. It's amazing.

Awesome! Really loved it!

6 Sure Be Cool If You Did

I really do like this song

I love this song.


Beautiful love song. Amazing voice and catchy lyrics. I want to sing this song for love of my life.

I Can't stop listening again n again n again n again then again haha.

7 Doin' What She Likes
8 The Baby

This song rips out my heart and stomps all over it. I cry every time. By far Blake Shelton's best song. - CourtneyM17

Dedicated to all mothers on this planet. I really felt like crying! It was very difficult to choose its position, I.E. , first or second. Awesome piece of music. Long live Blake! - Rclam8

The best!

9 Hillbilly Bone

This is a fun and cheerful song that will brighten your day for sure.

10 Who are You When I'm Not Looking

It's about as sappy as I'm comfortable for another guy to get.

This is not only an amazing song to listen to, it is also lyrically beautiful. Blake's voice sounds amazing in this as it sucessfully conveys all the right emotions that the lyrics demand. It's a song about a man wondering about all the little things like habits that the woman he loves has that only comes out when she is all alone I. E he wonders how the real person is behind that mask. This song reminds us that it is not just the exterior that matters but the true nature and the little things about a person that actually makes them and that is what we should be falling in love with.
" My oh my you're so good looking,
But who are you when I'm not looking? '

Love this song!

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11 Ol Red

This song is amazing and has beautiful lyrics. Its about a dog called Red in jail. This is one of those songs that narrate an amazing story. It's a must listen.

Put this in the top 5

12 She Wouldn't Be Gone

A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics that is sung amazingly well by Blake with his voice filled with emotions. This song narrates the story of a man who regrets his past actions that had led the woman he loves to leave him.

Blake's best song in my opinion, real emotional song and he sings it with so much emotion that makes it feel like it couldn't be sang any other way. although mine would be you is a close second though.

13 Home

This song has so much emotion! It makes me miss home and living with my parents when I was younger...back when things were a lot more simple!

14 All Over Me
15 Sangria

First song I have ever heard by Blake Shelton. Had to put an entry in this list here! Stuck in my head

I don't listen to country, but I love this song

Best Song By Blake shelton yet.

16 Came Here to Forget

This is the first song I heard of him and totally fall for it. don't know why people are not yet mad with this song

17 Mine Would Be You

I think this is his best song and his performance too

18 Do You Remember V 2 Comments
19 Drink On It
20 Some Beach
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