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21 Footloose
22 Kiss My Country Ass

I don't really like all of Blake Shelton songs but thing is one is awesome. Great lyrics great song. I can't believe this is 28th

23 Over

"If I could, I would dare, feed your dreams and starve your fears" Such a beautiful song sung by Blake.

24 Gonna

This song is awesome!

25 Neon Light

Best song from Blake Shelton EVER

Yay! I got it to 22. His best song - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

Just listen to it once its best country song

.love the way he sings is super cool

26 She's Got a Way with Words
27 Addicted
28 Savior's Shadow
29 The More I Drink

Best song among drinking buddies"

30 I Found Someone
31 Friends

Changed My Mind, This Song Is Both AWESOME And TERRIBLE At the Same Time, I Do Like The Beat And Country In It, Pigs Dancing Makes This Song Even better! - VideoGamefan5

32 Nobody But Me
33 Goodbye Time
34 All About Tonight
35 She Don't Love Me
36 Draggin' the River
37 You'll Always Be Beautiful
38 Cotton Pickin' Time
39 Forever Young
40 I Still Got a Finger
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