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htoutlaws2012 Intro: Good evening, come one... come all this blog series well mainly consist of pretty much videos I will look at, and basically react to it in my own way. They can be countdown based, or they could rants, something outrageous ranges from anything really. In this case because its the month of October all things that are spooky I tend to look up scary content because my blood is boiled, and my fueling the fire by giving you the imagery before you. We are welcomed into the lair of darkness in other the words in the world of blameitonjorge who has arguably the greatest scary content of any YouTube channel that I have ever seen.

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#20 Tapeworm - Mr Meaty: To start off this show was just something that I do not see Nick doing ever again making these horrifying almost like puppets with two guys working at a fast food place at the mall. I only see this the one time, but I fought they were other episodes more disturbing then this yes at the end the tapeworm goes into the hunter's mouth just sickening stuff almost like teaching kids of food poison.

#19 Flashbacks - X-Men: Very meh choice honestly yeah its more of a different time, but sabertooth is one odd ball in that series, but I recommend you check the animated series if you have not its pretty close when it rivals to DC's Batman the animated series.

#18 Seduced - Rocko's Modern Life: Rocko's Modern Life was very edgy, but at the same time most of the references came from various films. With that said this episode dealt with Mrs. Bighead not getting the attention to Mr. Bighead so in an non kid like angle she seduces Rocko to cheat in which was not in anyway for any intimacy. In the end though he figured it all out embarrassed.

#17 The Exosuit - My Life is a Teenage Robot: In the first episode the exosuit, (no not Call of duty) was more less just ugly looking. In the second appearance of the suit is where the creepy aspect comes into play when it talks voiced by Grey DeLisle in a demonic voice takes control of Jenny to be normal forevermore.

#16 The Dream - Hey Arnold: There's nothing really that disturbing in this episode expect when Arnold does eventually go into dream mode seeing his grandfather's eyes, all socketed, and jaw breaks leaving with a tiny jump scare.

#15 I'm Not Tommy - Rugrats: I mean yeah sure, but that one about Angelica in a dream was really screwed up that I would put over this one personally.

#14 Insane in the Membrane - TMNT (2003): Baxter Stockman a brilliant villainous scientist creates a body that can be a success to have, but test proved one look of his face was unpleasant enough to be on the list also please see the 03 version its pretty good i'll say that much.

#13 Billy's Eyes - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: I feel like there is another one out there that's just as equal, but yeah I've seen this one a lot, and yeah those real life eyes are creepy enough to think the pulled on the audience that one time only.

#12 The Mask - Goosebumps: Goosebumps was made intentionally to scare the living crap outta kids from the books, to decently done TV show adaption R.L Stine was brilliant at giving kids scares up there spines. Many of them could of easily made it, and arguably higher on this list. The Mask is definitely the big one not only the first episode, but after awhile when the mask is in full effect to not be taken off she goes back to the play she bought it from in which case was a horrifically disturbing decision as the floating heads all begin to move, and shout out her name. The fact this is only #12 has me triggered like what 11 kids moments are better than goosebumps?

#11 Azula - Avatar the Last Airbender: Once again Grey DeLisle has made her appearance twice on this list. Only this one I kinda do not get. Yeah she's kinda disturbing, but I probably would not have her as the focus because she was not always psychotic I mean sure when it comes to being aggressive, and defeated sure, but no just no.

#10 Pinky Pie on drugs - MLP: I'm not a brony by any means, but that is just... what was going on there I mean is it crazy at times I talk to myself, but not with objects no less. Yeah that ugh... wikia of that episode my seem disturbing as you read it, but not to me.

#9 Sabrina - Pokemon: I will say that I have not really cared for the show I only played the early portion of Pokemon, but I never continued on afterwards, and I know nothing here surprisingly.

#8 HIM (Tough Love) - Powerpuff Girls: HIM is probably the most feared villain in the Powerpuff Girls series ever, even more than the popular Mojo Jojo choice. I mean this is one demon that is very unique that will probably never get pulled off like this in today's PC society.

#7 Drug Overdose - Captain Planet: Captain Planet is one I also never cared for, and in this it is in no way disturbing more so a real moral that you should not due in the modern time.

#6 That's what i'm gonna do - Ren & Stimpy: This, and Fan male were classics, but i'm fine with either one honestly, and at least it made the top 10 because it should the quote is legendary as to how far John Kay stretched this for a Nick show no less.

#5 Knuckles, and his Hilarious Problem - Flapjack: Definitely not the moment I would of choice for something that is as beyond screwy dark like Flapjack especially when a certain Cat is not the main focus something is up, instead they go with Knuckles having a real off the wall drug like dream where he may never want to eat candy ever again.

#4 Suicide - Tom & Jerry: This was not really disturbing just the most depressing end to one of the best cartoons of all time.

#3 Imperfect Cell Adsorbs Innocent Man - Dragon Ball Z: For one I was not expecting Dragon Ball Z to be anywhere close to a list like this second yes it is very disturbing, but you question moments like this where it goes in two ways where ultimately you tend to disagree with.

#2 Butterfly - Spongebob Sqaurepants: WHAT!.... WHAT! I mean you pick Butterfly out of all the other Spongebob moments that to me stick more out then this. How about Squidward losing his mind traveling through time continuum that was pretty disturbing. Even here's a underrated choice, but the slinging slasher episode where they show some Dracula looking guy at the end of the episode he looked way more terrifying then the butterfly.

#1 The Blue Spawn - Courage the Cowardly Dog: I knew right from the start Courage is the pinnacle of scares. From king ramses, to the big white head, the violin girl this show had it all, but it hard dark tone humor that everyone attracted to. They went with the final episode in which where it culminated into this infamous scene after Courage is absolutely agusted comes this demonic blue spawn thing talking to you on your screen at night saying this ''you're mot perfect'' as the other 4 dreams go on which are not as equally memorable as that one was.

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Additional Things to say: Some good choice, and some others are more questionable in terms of being disturbing in there own way. A big con out of the list has to be Harvest moon from Invader Zim right away i'm stunned that missed the list entirely. Anyways this is a good sample of what more there is to come from this i'm the outlaw see you next time.