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Does anyone have suggestions. This is going to be any couple. That means Crack too.

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1 Ichigo and Rukia

This ship makes a lot of sense, they have a strong bond and people love this ship a lot more than Orihime x Ichigo though I do ship Orihime x Rukia as well!

These 2 will 4 ever by my number 1 ship in bleach (aside from byayoru). THEY'RE MY OTP. tbh I still have no idea how ichigo ended up with orihime, when he and rukia LITERALLLY have chemistry together T^T .I started shipping these 2 from the very first episode...infact, I read a fanfic ship between these 2 and that's what got me into watching the anime.
moreover, with ichigo being whith orihime, it's jus too much orange. YOU NEED A BALANCE.


Honestly, these two got the best chemistry, they would die for each other. They argue like a married couple, they were perfect for each other. In the anime/manga, from the very beginning, they had something going on between them and as the anime/manga, continued, it shows how their feelings developed for one another. I don’t understand how they did not end up together.

These two will always be by number 2 pairing in bleach. I can't help shipping byaruki as number 1. this ship is based on proof though and chemistry while byaruki is based on much harder stuff

2 Gin and Rangiku

As devastating as it is I wouldn't change a thing absolutely perfect couple! I think it's the only ship the fandom universally agrees on.


Rangiku crying over Gin who was killed by Aizen was the saddest moment of the series in my opinion. We always hated Gin but later... I can't say a world, he's my favourite character :(

They're by far my favorite ship in Bleach. They loved each other so much and they deserved a happy ending T.T

Rangiku was the only one who Gin didn't attack or hesitated against. Very cute couple - TheDarkOne_221b

3 Renji and Rukia

I like Ichigo and Rukia, but I think Renji and Rukia is a more solid couple. The complicity, chemistry and attraction are there.

Forevr.. I mean ok ichigo and rukia is ok.. but renji really loves -- the way any girl would want.. you just CANNOT ignore their chemistry


eh, nice ship :3

4 Ichigo and Orihime

They are perfect together. Ichigo is gentle, caring, a true ''gentleman'' with her, and Orihime's love towards him is beautiful, strong and she is always trying to protect him. The best couple. <3

In my opinion they are good for each other

They look more like siblings

Orange on orange is not my thing.

5 Hitsugaya and Rukia

Ice Type Zanpakutos! Both tiny, what's not to love?

Love both but no

6 Urahara and Yoruichi

They have been hinting at something but it never goes anywhere.

They're good friends and I believe it can be more than that!

Love the interracial couple they are!

Yes! They are adorbs! (They are not related)

7 Izuru and Hinamori

I'm sure that Kiba has romantic feeling for Hinamori

8 Hitsugaya and Rangiku

I love how rangiku hs a "special" way of getting on toshiro's nerves

beat couple in bleach

9 Ulquiorra and Orihime

I just don't like Ichigo x Orihime, so I ship this. I like Ichigo with someone else, specially Rukia (or Senna in movie 1, or Tatsuki), but Orihime? Nope

He has no emotion and he's dead BUT I ship it anyway because it seems like a cute couple, there may be no hints but they seem like a good match

When Ulquiorra first appeared in the show I thought that he would be a perfect match for Orihime, just looking at their characters - a cold bad boy and a good caring girl. IchiHime is okay, but Ulquihime, in my opinion, had more chemistry and "unexpected" element (like in DBZ with Bulma/Vegeta ship). In my opinion, if Kubo didn't kill Ulquiorra, Hime would get more character development and would probably overcome her Kurosaki-kun obsession. Still I don't understand why people call them a crack ship. According to a Japanese pairings popularity poll they took 2 place just after IchiRuki. According to a data book, Ulquiorra had feelings toward Orihime. They also have plenty of doujinshis, fics and another fan stuff, and if two shinigami managed to have a child, why a hollow and a human cannot? ( lol). They also had some "heart" thing. They actually should be higher on this list "

Such a beautifully tragic ship that needed so much more development I can't even begin to describe how much I adore them!

10 Hitsugaya and Karin

They both make a great couple and are meant for each other.if only Karin was a soul reaper they both could spent a lot of time with each other

They are so cute together! To be honest this is the only ship I care of!

To all who ship Toshiro and Momo I shame upon the.

To all who ship Toshiro and Rukia I shame upon the.

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11 Renji and Tatsuki

I feel as though, these two are suited for each other, expecially since they have quite a few htings in come on, and no one can tell me otherwise.

Hm, he's made for Rukia.

12 Byakuya and Hisana

Sorry about the name I wasn't paying attention. Pretend it says Hisana.

yh I guess I don ship these two, although I mostly ship little byakuya-bo with yoruichi-dono :3

well it kinda makes sense but hisana is dead .-.

13 Isshin Kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihoin
14 Yammy and Orihime

Yes when yammy backhanded Orihime

15 Grimmjow and Nel

Well they're alive, they're both arrancars, UwU and they could really get together

I fuge with that

I feel as though they'd make a good balance :3

16 Rangiku and Sajin
17 Toshiro and Momo

In the show and manga Toshiro shows that he has a lot of affection towards momo. They make a lot of sense because they know each other from childhood. Personally, I think this is way better than shipping him with Karin because of age difference. Toshiro may look young but he's actually a lot older than he's appearance and so that ship makes me uncomfortable.

Toshiro shows that he has a lot of affection towards momo in the show and manga. They make a very realistic ship and are very cute.

YAAAAS definitely!

18 Uryu Ishida & Orihime Inoue

They fit well together. Both are very smart, they both tragically lost someone they cared for that isn't their parent, and they seem to have really well dynamic that can grow into a romantic realationship. I also believe Ishida might have a crush on Orihime. I'm sure somewhere out in the universe they are a canon ship.

He has a gentle look in his eyes when talking to her and it's a cute nerd and popular girl kind of relationship. They have a very close bond because it its mostly the two of them together when helping Ichigo and Ishida knows Orihime well

I think it could work because they seem like a good math, their friendship is stable and they could become more than friends

He acts differently around her from everybody else, like that's his bebe

19 Yammy Llargo and Tier Harribel
20 Ulquiorra and Grimmjow
21 Sosuke Aizen and Soi Fon
22 Isshin Kurosaki and Riruka Dokugamine
23 Genryūsai Yamamoto and Kūkaku Shiba
24 Yhwach and Bambietta Basterbine
25 Ichigo and Grimmjow

These two have been popular in the bleach Yaoi ships

Best yaoi ship in the history of yaoi ships

It's the most popular gay BLEACH ship by far.

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