Top 10 Bleach Couples

Does anyone have suggestions. This is going to be any couple. That means Crack too.

The Top Ten Bleach Couples

1 Ichigo and Rukia

Rukia is the moon and ichigo is the sun their this right best couples ever

One of the most well rounded ships in any anime from episode one they just have some of the most beautiful scenes.

Honestly, these two got the best chemistry, they would die for each other. They argue like a married couple, they were perfect for each other. In the anime/manga, from the very beginning, they had something going on between them and as the anime/manga, continued, it shows how their feelings developed for one another. I don’t understand how they did not end up together.

These two are the great couple like on episode 1 and they really fight together and ichigo save rukia from soul society I totally ship them

2 Gin and Rangiku

As devastating as it is I wouldn't change a thing absolutely perfect couple! I think it's the only ship the fandom universally agrees on.

No matter if you preferred Ichigo with Rukia or Orihime, I think everyone can agree on Gin and Rangiku

Rangiku was the only one who Gin didn't attack or hesitated against. Very cute couple - TheDarkOne_221b

They're by far my favorite ship in Bleach. They loved each other so much and they deserved a happy ending T.T

3 Renji and Rukia

I like Ichigo and Rukia, but I think Renji and Rukia is a more solid couple. The complicity, chemistry and attraction are there. - Serenity


Forevr.. I mean ok ichigo and rukia is ok.. but renji really loves -- the way any girl would want.. you just CANNOT ignore their chemistry


4 Ichigo and Orihime

They look more like siblings

Orange on orange is not my thing. - MissAlexxis

In my opinion they are good for each other

They perfect together

5 Hitsugaya and Rukia

Love both but no - JustJake27

6 Izuru and Hinamori
7 Urahara and Yoruichi

They have been hinting at something but it never goes anywhere.

Love the interracial couple they are!

Yes! They are adorbs! (They are not related)

Eww aren’t they related? Incest so gross

8 Hitsugaya and Rangiku


9 Ulquiorra and Orihime

Such a beautifully tragic ship that needed so much more development I can't even begin to describe how much I adore them!

Just love ulquiorra! They make a great pair!

I lust everything about you

Sweet couple

10 Hitsugaya and Karin

Omg! they are amazing! Some say they are ying and yang(cause of their hair) and some say sun and moon

They both make a great couple and are meant for each other.if only Karin was a soul reaper they both could spent a lot of time with each other

To all who ship Toshiro and Momo I shame upon the.

They are so cute together! To be honest this is the only ship I care of!

The Contenders

11 Renji and Tatsuki

Hm, he's made for Rukia. - Entranced98

12 Isshin Kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihoin
13 Byakuya and Hisana

Sorry about the name I wasn't paying attention. Pretend it says Hisana. - ErzaScarlet

14 Yammy and Orihime

Yes when yammy backhanded Orihime

15 Grimmjow and Nel
16 Rangiku and Sajin
17 Toshiro and Momo
18 Yammy Llargo and Tier Harribel
19 Sosuke Aizen and Soi Fon
20 Isshin Kurosaki and Riruka Dokugamine
21 Uryu Ishida & Orihime Inoue

He has a gentle look in his eyes when talking to her and it's a cute nerd and popular girl kind of relationship. They have a very close bond because it its mostly the two of them together when helping Ichigo and Ishida knows Orihime well

He acts differently around her from everybody else, like that's his bebe

22 Ulquiorra and Grimmjow
23 Genryūsai Yamamoto and Kūkaku Shiba
24 Yhwach and Bambietta Basterbine
25 Nel and Ichigo
26 Ichigo and Grimmjow

These two have been popular in the bleach Yaoi ships

27 Uryū Ishida and Nemu Kurotsuchi
28 Yumichika and Ikkaku

I'm sorry but for me they're canon.i love these two so much

29 Yukio and Hitsugaya

Can't help but love this pair!

30 Ichigo and Riruka

They would have made a good couple

31 Rangiku Matsumoto Rangiku Matsumoto is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.
32 Ichigo and Tatsuki
33 Retsu Unohana and Kenpaichi Zaraki

Their adorable though. I ship them!

34 Grimmjow and Orihime

She healed his injuries, and in return he saved her from being abused. I think this ship is definitely worth mentioning. Grimmjow may not be the nicest character but you have to admit, he wasn't as bad toward Orihime as he could have been. I also thought it was cute that he asked her to heal her own injuries. I think it shows that a part of him actually cares for her or empathesizes with her in a way, even if he has a rather rude way of showing it. Still, I see potential with these two and really wish they could have more interactions. My OTP for sure.

35 Renji and Ichigo

Just wanted to add some Yaoi to this list since Yaoi is becoming popular (I think)

36 Starrk and Lilynette
37 Aizen and Hinamori

Is this seriously here? Come on people, Aizen didn’t care about her! He only used her as an easy purpose for his goals! And hinamori liked him as someone she looks up to, but not as a romantic interest! Plus it looks so gross! Aizen looks 35 yrs old while hinamori looks 8 yrs old in comparison 🤮

38 Hitsugaya and Hinamori

I actually really love this couple; they're so adorable, even as polar opposites. At first they struck me with having a close-knit brother/sister relationship while growing up together as childhood friends (which was likely how it started out, anyway), but later on, as both become high-ranked Soul Reapers, it seems pretty clear that Shiro was already in love in Momo with the way he always worries about her so often when she gets herself into a serious pickle and will do anything to protect her from it. And if Momo's head wasn't so messed up by Aizen's brainwashing for such a long time (poor girl), she probably would have found out how he felt about her much sooner, see how much he really had grown up (he was younger and shorter than her, after all, like a kid brother, though he ironically always acted more mature) and then would realize she felt the same way. In the end, things definitely definitely seemed to be hinting as the start of something new between them. Finally! I just wish ...more - Fountainblossom

39 Isshin and Shihoin
40 Rukia and Kugo
41 Yammy Llargo and Shihoin Yoruichi
42 Isshin and Yoruichi
43 Rukia and Yammy

Best Couple

44 Shuhei Hisagi
45 Matsumoto and Hitsugaya

The ultimate couple...

46 Ulquiorra and Nelliel

Wow so now they date well that is very messed up if you go to Google you will see that they are not a thing ulquiorra and Nel art a thing never just a lie go to Google images wallpaper first ki ss of who ever you are researching about you will very unbelievable things yo oss holes🤔🤔😐😶🤨🤨 sometimes confused a lot to

47 Kurosaki and Aizen
48 Byakuya and Rukia


49 Rukia Kuchiki and Byakuya Kuchiki
50 Hisagi and Soi-Fon
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