Top 10 Bleach Couples

Does anyone have suggestions. This is going to be any couple. That means Crack too.

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1 Ichigo and Rukia Ichigo and Rukia

These two are the great couple like on episode 1 and they really fight together and ichigo save rukia from soul society I totally ship them

These two will always be by number 2 pairing in bleach. I can't help shipping byaruki as number 1. this ship is based on proof though and chemistry while byaruki is based on much harder stuff

I have no idea why he was put with orihime. - MissAlexxis

Even if she was a soul, I had hoped that at one point Ichigo may have died and become an actual Shinigami himself and the two of them could have been together...

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2 Gin and Rangiku Gin and Rangiku

No matter if you preferred Ichigo with Rukia or Orihime, I think everyone can agree on Gin and Rangiku

They were meant to be

Rangiku was the only one who Gin didn't attack or hesitated against. Very cute couple - TheDarkOne_221b


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3 Renji and Rukia Renji and Rukia

I like Ichigo and Rukia, but I think Renji and Rukia is a more solid couple. The complicity, chemistry and attraction are there. - Serenity

Forevr.. I mean ok ichigo and rukia is ok.. but renji really loves -- the way any girl would want.. you just CANNOT ignore their chemistry


4 Ichigo and Orihime Ichigo and Orihime

They perfect together

They look more like siblings

Its perfect in my sisters opinion

They look good together though...

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5 Hitsugaya and Rukia Hitsugaya and Rukia
6 Izuru and Hinamori Izuru and Hinamori
7 Hitsugaya and Rangiku Hitsugaya and Rangiku


8 Urahara and Yoruichi Urahara and Yoruichi

They have been hinting at something but it never goes anywhere.

Love the interracial couple they are!

Yes! They are adorbs! (They are not related)

Eww aren’t they related? Incest so gross

9 Ulquiorra and Orihime

Just love ulquiorra! They make a great pair!

14 place? Too low for them. And also who the heck put Yammi/Orihime into this list?

This was a ship that I liked but when he died the ship went away ☹️

When Ulquiorra first appeared in the show I thought that he would be a perfect match for Orihime, just looking at their characters - a cold bad boy and a good caring girl. IchiHime is okay, but Ulquihime, in my opinion, had more chemistry and "unexpected" element (like in DBZ with Bulma/Vegeta ship). In my opinion, if Kubo didn't kill Ulquiorra, Hime would get more character development and would probably overcome her Kurosaki-kun obsession. Still I don't understand why people call them a crack ship. According to a Japanese pairings popularity poll they took 2 place just after IchiRuki. According to a data book, Ulquiorra had feelings toward Orihime. They also have plenty of doujinshis, fics and another fan stuff, and if two shinigami managed to have a child, why a hollow and a human cannot? ( lol). They also had some "heart" thing. They actually should be higher on this list "

10 Renji and Tatsuki Renji and Tatsuki

Hm, he's made for Rukia. - Entranced98

The Newcomers

? Ichigo and Grimmjow

These two have been popular in the bleach Yaoi ships

? Renji and Ichigo

Just wanted to add some Yaoi to this list since Yaoi is becoming popular (I think)

The Contenders

11 Hitsugaya and Karin

They are so cute together! To be honest this is the only ship I care of!

To all who ship Toshiro and Rukia I shame upon the.

To all who ship Toshiro and Momo I shame upon the.

12 Isshin Kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihoin
13 Yammy and Orihime

Yes when yammy backhanded Orihime

14 Rangiku and Sajin
15 Grimmjow and Nel
16 Byakuya and Hisana Byakuya and Hisana

Sorry about the name I wasn't paying attention. Pretend it says Hisana. - ErzaScarlet

17 Yammy Llargo and Tier Harribel
18 Sosuke Aizen and Soi Fon
19 Isshin Kurosaki and Riruka Dokugamine
20 Genryūsai Yamamoto and Kūkaku Shiba
21 Yhwach and Bambietta Basterbine
22 Nel and Ichigo
23 Uryu Ishida & Orihime Inoue

He acts differently around her from everybody else, like that's his bebe

24 Yukio and Hitsugaya

Can't help but love this pair!

25 Ichigo and Riruka

They would have made a good couple

26 Ichigo and Tatsuki
27 Yumichika and Ikkaku

I'm sorry but for me they're canon.i love these two so much

28 Rangiku Matsumoto Rangiku Matsumoto Rangiku Matsumoto is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.
29 Aizen and Hinamori Aizen and Hinamori

Is this seriously here? Come on people, Aizen didn’t care about her! He only used her as an easy purpose for his goals! And hinamori liked him as someone she looks up to, but not as a romantic interest! Plus it looks so gross! Aizen looks 35 yrs old while hinamori looks 8 yrs old in comparison 🤮

30 Hitsugaya and Hinamori Hitsugaya and Hinamori

I actually really love this couple; they're so adorable, even as polar opposites. At first they struck me with having a close-knit brother/sister relationship while growing up together as childhood friends (which was likely how it started out, anyway), but later on, as both become high-ranked Soul Reapers, it seems pretty clear that Shiro was already in love in Momo with the way he always worries about her so often when she gets herself into a serious pickle and will do anything to protect her from it. And if Momo's head wasn't so messed up by Aizen's brainwashing for such a long time (poor girl), she probably would have found out how he felt about her much sooner, see how much he really had grown up (he was younger and shorter than her, after all, like a kid brother, though he ironically always acted more mature) and then would realize she felt the same way. In the end, things definitely definitely seemed to be hinting as the start of something new between them. Finally! I just wish ...more - Fountainblossom

31 Isshin and Shihoin
32 Rukia and Kugo
33 Yammy Llargo and Shihoin Yoruichi
34 Isshin and Yoruichi
35 Uryū Ishida and Nemu Kurotsuchi
36 Rukia and Yammy

Best Couple

37 Retsu Unohana and Kenpaichi Zaraki

Their adorable though. I ship them!

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1. Hitsugaya and Rukia
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1. Isshin Kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihoin
2. Yammy and Orihime
3. Rangiku and Sajin
1. Ichigo and Rukia
2. Urahara and Yoruichi
3. Gin and Rangiku


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