Top 10 Bleach Couples

Does anyone have suggestions. This is going to be any couple. That means Crack too.

The Top Ten

1 Ichigo and Rukia Ichigo and Rukia

I have no idea why he was put with orihime. - MissAlexxis

To be fair, I shipped them at the beginning. And I still like them. But the way the story went, it became clear they are like sister/brother. - Amilee

Love these two - idono03

Even if she was a soul, I had hoped that at one point Ichigo may have died and become an actual Shinigami himself and the two of them could have been together...

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2 Renji and Rukia Renji and Rukia

They look good together - Amilee


3 Gin and Rangiku Gin and Rangiku


Rangiku crying over Gin who was killed by Aizen was the saddest moment of the series in my opinion. We always hated Gin but later... I can't say a world, he's my favourite character :( - Tuana123

4 Ichigo and Orihime Ichigo and Orihime

Orange on orange is not my thing. - MissAlexxis

In my opinion they are good for each other

They look good together though...

5 Hitsugaya and Rukia Hitsugaya and Rukia
6 Izuru and Hinamori Izuru and Hinamori
7 Hitsugaya and Rangiku Hitsugaya and Rangiku
8 Urahara and Yoruichi Urahara and Yoruichi

Eww aren’t they related? Incest so gross

9 Renji and Tatsuki Renji and Tatsuki

Hm, he's made for Rukia. - Entranced98

10 Byakuya and Hisana Byakuya and Hisana

Sorry about the name I wasn't paying attention. Pretend it says Hisana. - ErzaScarlet

The Contenders

11 Isshin Kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihoin
12 Hitsugaya and Karin
13 Nel and Ichigo
14 Yammy and Orihime

Yes when yammy backhanded Orihime

15 Rangiku and Sajin
16 Aizen and Hinamori Aizen and Hinamori

Is this seriously here? Come on people, Aizen didn’t care about her! He only used her as an easy purpose for his goals! And hinamori liked him as someone she looks up to, but not as a romantic interest! Plus it looks so gross! Aizen looks 35 yrs old while hinamori looks 8 yrs old in comparison 🤮

17 Hitsugaya and Hinamori Hitsugaya and Hinamori
18 Yammy Llargo and Tier Harribel
19 Sosuke Aizen and Soi Fon
20 Genryūsai Yamamoto and Kūkaku Shiba
21 Isshin Kurosaki and Riruka Dokugamine
22 Yhwach and Bambietta Basterbine
23 Isshin and Shihoin
24 Rukia and Kugo
25 Yammy Llargo and Shihoin Yoruichi
26 Isshin and Yoruichi
27 Ulquiorra and Orihime
28 Yukio and Hitsugaya

Can't help but love this pair!

29 Grimmjow and Nel
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1. Hitsugaya and Rukia
2. Gin and Rangiku
3. Ichigo and Rukia
1. Renji and Rukia
2. Ichigo and Rukia
3. Gin and Rangiku
1. Isshin Kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihoin
2. Yammy and Orihime
3. Rangiku and Sajin

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